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Get in Shape for the Big Day

A Q&A with Pure Barre Westport owner, Laura Laboissonniere

How long before the wedding should brides start to come into Pure Barre to get into shape?
It really depends on each bride and the results they are trying to achieve. We recommend getting into a routine as soon as possible for the best results! The sooner the better!

What are some of the best exercises at Pure Barre that will tone the arms and back for a strapless dress?
Pure Barre is all about small isometric movements. We work all the muscle groups to fatigue and then we stretch them out which creates long, lean muscles. We incorporate a variety of strength training in each class and since we are a fast-paced barre workout your heart rate increases with each exercise which burns MORE calories than an average barre class. We burn an average of 400-650 calories per class.

How often should brides come to Pure Barre to see results before their wedding?
We recommend clients come to class 3-4 times per week. The sooner you get to the barre the sooner you will love your body and who doesn’t want that?

How quickly will brides start seeing results after coming to Pure Barre?
Most clients see results within 10 classes but will continue to see them throughout their Pure Barre experience. Really, it’s that easy (although we won’t lie - the workout is NOT that easy)…Pure Barre is simply the most effective and safest way to change your body. Plus it’s fun!

Can brides bring their bridesmaids in for private classes? How many days per week are recommended and for how many weeks?
We actually have a ‘Bride to be’ Special! It is 3 months of unlimited classes for $425. Bridesmaids are also eligible to purchase this special. We offer private barre-ty’s as well where we will provide a private class and champagne toast. It’s perfect for bacholorette parties or even a fun girls night out.

The wedding is in six weeks! Is it too late to get into shape?
Absolutely not. Our clients see results in as little to 10 classes, of course, the longer you are doing any exercise routine you will loose more weight over a longer duration of time. We would recommend coming 4 times a week to achieve the best results 6 weeks out.

What are a few fitness tips that brides can do at home to enhance their experience at Pure Barre?
The great thing about Pure Barre is that it is an amazing workout by itself or as a supplement with any other exercise. Pure Barre is completely safe to do do 7 days a week. It’s great for runners because it elongates the muscles that tighten up but you don’t really need to do anything else. However, if a good Friday night is hoping on the stair master, who are we to judge?

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