From the Experts: Wedding Dresses

Q&A with Alison Fischer of The Plumed Serpent Bridal in Westport


What are going to be the hottest wedding gown trends for 2014?
We are seeing more options in wedding gown styles than we have seen in years. Lots of sleeves and straps. Delicate embroidery on illusion sleeves and necklines, “Back-interest” is a huge trend. Simple gowns that have ornate and exciting back detail.

Are there any trends that will be going out of style?
I don’t think anything truly ever goes out of style. Trends become more or less popular, but rarely disappear. There are so many different types of brides and weddings that designers consistently try to find an option for all of them.

What is the most amazing gown that you have ever sold to a bride?
That’s a really difficult question. To me, the thing that makes a gown amazing is how a bride looks, feels and holds herself in it. You can just tell when a gown makes a bride feel amazing. Her cheeks hurt from smiling so much, she “swishes” instead of walks, and there is just a joy that comes from within. If a bride feels wonderful in a gown, she is going to look wonderful and amazing.  

Do you do any custom gowns?
Since we carry couture designers, most of them will customize or edit their gowns to suit our brides. They work with us to change necklines, add or remove sleeves & straps, and change skirt shapes. That is the reason our designers are the best in the industry, their willingness to go to almost any extent to make our brides happy in their dream wedding gown!
What is your favorite wedding location in Fairfield County?
It depends on the wedding. If it is a larger wedding I love a tent at a private home or open space. There is something so fun and elegant about a classic tent with lots of flowers. For a smaller wedding I love an intimate restaurant setting. With smaller weddings, you can really delve into the details and create such a special feeling in an intimate setting.

What is your most memorable experience with a customer?
We have the best clients and all are in their own way memorable. But, some are definitely more memorable than others.

Experiences range from the funny – being tracked down by a bride the morning of her wedding because her bridesmaid stepped on her gown and ripped it and she needed emergency repairs. (Which of course we ran over to pick up her gown and had our seamstresses repair it asap!)

To the emotional – the bride who came in with her mom who was in the end stages of cancer. She was young and not even engaged, but she and her mom wanted to find her wedding gown together. We made a day of it and tried on almost every dress in the shop until she found her perfect gown. After we all stopped crying they took the gown home with them. Her mom passed away shortly thereafter. I heard from her last year and she is engaged and we are starting alterations this spring in preparation for her summer wedding. (Just thinking about her still makes me choke up a little.)

What is the most outrageous request you have ever received?
It might not be THE most outrageous request, but I have had more than a few brides who have had three or more wardrobe changes in the course of their wedding – Ceremony gown, Reception gown & After party gown.    

Have you had the opportunity to meet any of the designers whose gowns you carry?
I have been lucky enough to meet all of my designers and am quite friendly with many of them. The bridal industry is very small and it is all about personal relationships. My designers are as involved and invested with me and my shop and I am with all my clients.

Out of the designers that you carry which one is your personal favorite?
I will give you the same answer I give my sons when they ask which one of them is my favorite – “It depends on the day!”

The Plumed Serpent Bridal
295 Post Road East, Playhouse Square, Westport; 203.226.9868



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