Fifteen cakes from real Fairfield County weddings

Who doesn't love a healthy slice of wedding cake as an end to a perfect reception? With so many options to choose from, we have picked out some of our favorite wedding cakes straight from the pages of Greenwich Magazine, New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine, Stamford Magazine and Westport Magazine for you to peruse.

Black and white wedding cake

Wedding - Berardino & Milakofsky
Greenwich Magazine

Photograph: Jessica Claire


White cake with flowers

Wedding - Pastore & Mugavero
Stamford Magazine

Photograph: Minush Photography


White cake with decorations

Wedding - Storch & Huyh
Westport Magazine

Photograph: Thomas McGovern


White cake with pink flowers

Wedding - Horelik & Haberstroh
Westport Magazine

Photograph: Tim Sayer


Wedding cake with tropical flowers

Wedding - Tremaine & Buchanan
Westport Magazine

Photograph: Elisabeth Millay


White wedding cake with peonies

Wedding - Lorig & Daly II
Greenwich Magazine

Photograph: Emma Dodge Hanson


Wedding cake with large flowers

Wedding - Eydt & Arestia
New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine

Photograph: Paige Hiller Photography


White cake with fruit

Wedding - Auch & Watson
Greenwich Magazine

Photographer: Dru Nadler


All white wedding cake

Wedding - Miller & Teitzman
Greenwich Magazine

Photographer: Pauline Shapiro


White wedding cake with blue flowers

Wedding - Banerjee & Lowry
New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine

Photographer: Jay Ackerman


Wedding cupcakes

Wedding - Raghavan & Ruth
New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine

Photographs: Cly Creation


White wedding cake with green flowers

Wedding - Williams & Jones
New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine

Photographer: Bruce Plotkin


Fall inspired wedding cake

Wedding - Frasca & Cadigan
New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine

Photograph: Vivian Lin and Molly Stinchfield


Blue beach wedding cake

Wedding - Murphy & Wikman
Stamford Magazine

Photograph: Melani Lust Photography



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