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Go behind the scenes of local jewelry mecca, JL Rocks

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When you first walk into JL Rocks, the sparkling baubles that line the cozy store overwhelm your oratory senses. The shop is nestled on a quiet corner of the Post Road, and it has gained a devoted clientele over the past 15 years.

“I’ve always been attracted to the mechanics of making jewelry, and [JL Rocks] came out of my passion for production,” explains the owner Jamie Camche.

Camche’s passion is evident throughout the store because she mixes jewelry she designs for the JL Rocks brand with local jewelry designers and fine jewelry designers.

“The shop is about everyday, usable pieces of jewelry that you can not only wear on the street, but out to dinner and to black-ties,” she says.

JL Rocks

Twice a month Camche and her co-worker Dori Bomback will sit down together and talk about the latest jewelry trends that they are seeing in magazines, the jewelry pieces that celebrities are gravitating towards, and the pieces that the everyday women is wearing on the street. It’s the latter that inspires Camche the most.

“I’m very curious about what people are wearing because that tells me about who they are,” she explains.

According to Bomback, Camche’s eye for finding timeless pieces that are edgy and current is what makes the store standout from other jewelry stores in the area. Bomback notes that balancing these traits is not easy to achieve, and that it takes someone with a special, well-trained eye.

“It’s a talent, and I’m really excited to learn from Jamie,” Bomback says warmly.

JL Rocks also does custom orders, and Camche has found that many people will come in asking for her expertise on how to revamp or reconstruct an old piece into a new one.

JL Rocks Earrings

“It’s about a four month process,” she explains, “and if you’re patient you can get the most incredible piece of jewelry.”

And with shoppers beginning to edit their jewelry collections for fall, Camche opened up about the pieces that she believes will be big.

“Blue diamonds and blue diamonds mixed with blue sapphires is a very strong trend,” says Camche, “The blue diamonds have such an iridescence, and when mixed with the blue sapphire they really take on a radiance. “

Camche also notes that her shop is still encompassing geometric pieces with sharp lines because of the younger vibe that they provide. Finally, she points out that oxidation is also a strong highlight for fall too because the process really highlights the stones.

The longevity of JL Rocks is a clear testament to Camche’s eye and her ability to create and curate pieces that incorporate trends without conforming to them.

JL Rocks

292 Post Road East, Westport, 203-454-4541
Also sold at Bungalow, 4 Sconset Square, Westport, 203-227-4406





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