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For Big Bootys

The Denim Bar Greenwich

Heather Thompson of Real Housewives fame has an amazing denim line called Yummie Tummie that Rachel loves for its perfect fit. It is especially well suited to those of us with a bigger booty who often find ourselves with an awkward gap in the waist. Yummie Tummie has a high rise and heavier denim to keep everything where it should be. A good pair of jeans should make your butt look hot – and these do the trick!

For Wide Hips

The Denim Bar Greenwich

In general, Rachel recommends a slim boot cut to offset a wide hip. The subtle flare of a boot cut takes the attention off the hips and balances the figure. Don’t love the boot cut look and are wanting to try out the “skinny jean” style? With the right pair, even full hips can rock this trend. Rachel recommends Joe’s straight leg “cigarette”. This jean narrows on the ankle for that “skinny jean” look but on the thigh it runs more as straight jean, and not skin-tight-skinny, so it fits better on a wide hip. It’s the best of both worlds!

For Narrow Hips

The Denim Bar Greenwich

Ladies with narrow hips have the freedom to flaunt their figure with a super skinny style that will make heads turn. Rachel likes Hudson’s “Krista” jean for this body type. The jean leg is narrow and it doesn’t stretch as much as most jeans, so you can keep that close fit and skinny ankle that is so hot right now.

Shopping Tips

Try on a size smaller than you think you should. Most jeans will stretch with wear, so the “perfect” fit in the dressing room could quickly turn loose and baggy in the butt. That might make you feel skinny but it won’t do anything to flatter your body. 

If you decide to search for your next pair of denim at The Blues Jean Bar, then there are a few things to know in advance. First of all, there are no mirrors in the dressing room. It might sound scary to have to step out into the open to see how your body looks in brand new jeans, but you will definitely want to share your look with the knowledgeable staff – they can tell you a lot more than a mirror.

Easily overwhelmed by piles and piles of denim? No need to sift through a sea of blue at The Blues Jean Bar, simply stride on up to the bar and let the staff know what kind of fit you’re looking for and they’ll grab a few pairs for you to try on. Shopping for your new perfect pair just got a whole lot easier.

The Blue Jeans Bar

19 E Elm Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: 203.340.2945



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