Doing it Right the Second Time Around

Advice from wedding planner Kerri-Lynn Orsini-Mulhearn

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How should couples handle invitations, guest lists, etc.?

The guest list should include the people closest to the bride and groom and most important, family. Typically, the guest list doesn’t go over about 70 people. For invitations, keep it simple and keep the rehearsal dinner intimate with just family. It is important to note that typically, the second wedding does not include the lavish gift-giving of the first time. Most couples are more financially stable at this point, and if the guest list is somewhat the same, guests are not usually expected to give another large gift. Some couples even specifically say, "no gifts" on the invitation.

What’s your biggest piece of advice?

Just go into it with an open mind and open heart. When merging families there are a lot of changes, but keeping a great attitude will make your day more enjoyable. It’s your second chance — do it the way you want!

The second time around is not only a chance for the bride and groom to plan the wedding of their dreams, but it is also an opportunity to recognize the blending of two families in front of their nearest and dearest friends.

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