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The Style Report: Undergarments

What are you wearing underneath that dress?

Karla Colletto Lace Suit available at Tahiti Street

© askhamdesign/Istockphoto.com

When one went looking for bras and panties, before we knew Victoria’s Secret, you were led straight to the foundations department.

When I think of a foundation, I think of the base of a house and how the remainder of the house can't be built without it. The same holds true in our world of fashion and beauty. You wouldn’t put on makeup without moisturizer, wouldn’t dare blow your hair without Moroccan Oil nor darn a pair of sandals without perfectly polished toes. It shouldn’t be any different when you dress.

Having clients in various shapes and sizes; it is my job to have all of the info at hand which is needed to make them look truly faboulous for their daily debut. While dressing Jill; I handed her a SPANX bodysuit to create a super slim and smooth illusion under that Dolce dress. Rule number one: every gal can benefit from the appropriate shapewear. Yes I am talking to you…size tiny and up. We all can benefit from the smooth and sleek lines that one gets from a great undergarment. Cellulite city…Bye Bye!! The secret is out that shapewear is a billion-dollar industry; and Spanx is the new Kleenex! Anyone have stock in Spanx? Lucky you!

So let's get down to business ladies….if your bra is too tight and your skin is bulging over in the back or if your butt is jiggling like a bowl of jello, I am here to tell you that even a $4000. Galliano dress as stunning as it may be, will flop just like you.

It's all about the perfect fit isn't it? And how can anything fit perfectly without the proper foundation? Now that we've established that, here is everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

The bottom line (pun intended) is you do not want to feel like you're wearing a sausage casing. If you need full coverage or partial coverage, you can have it but it must be lightweight and comfortable or you're not going to wear it.

Some of my new best friends are Yummie Tummies and Flexees. They hold you up while giving you a bit of slender to your figure and they stay put without rolling up around the elastic. Even in this dreadful humidity, I am smiling while darning my Flexees and feeling very Twiggie-esque.

Years back, Mom and I would head off to visit my brother who was a top executive at Maidenform. I would watch my mother try on all of the newest foundations with designer names such as De La Renta lending his name to the brand. We fondly named Jimmy "the bra man". Little did I know that those visits would come into play while writing this article.

Almost every designer and celeb is branding their name in the undergarment industry, and each of them brings their special designs to the table. The burning Q?

How in heavens name does a gal pick a bra?? Why does it have to be so confusing?

We can't be like our teenage daughters and run over to Victoria's Secret. We are a generation of fine quality, which incorporates fabulous design, construction and fit and my clients understand that each of us have different needs for our special bodies.

Try to stick with a bra that has a plunge to the front so it can be worn with both high and low cut tops. Even you gals with a larger bust can still find a sexy low cut bra with amazing support. Lose the heavily constructed coat of armor that you have been schlepping around.

Try Hanro, Natori, OnGossamer as each brand carries a myriad of fit and design that will compliment that special gal who wears it… YOU!

Now on to the tough question, which strapless bra will actually carry you through the day or night, without letting you down? After many tests, the winning strapless bra is OnGossamer! Buy it in nude and black. This bra is so comfy it will take the place of those ingenious convertible bras. Strapless bras can be worn with a racerback, off the shoulder and anything else that your pretty little mind can conjure up.

Lynn CesariaLynn Cesaria is a fashion maven, image consultant and personal shopper. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, her unerring eye and her Fashion 911 house calls to her clientele. Lynn has also owned and operated LRC Photography for over 20 years. She is based in Fairfield County but available to transform people worldwide!

For more information contact:
Lynn Cesaria
Lynn Cesaria Styling
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Photograph by LRC Photography

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