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Happy Feet

Expert tips for treating your feet right


Associated Podiatrists, one of the largest Podiatry groups in the Northeast, makes caring for your family’s feet, their priority. As licensed Podiatrists, they believe their patients deserve to have the information needed to make good choices about foot and ankle care. Their goal is to educate each patient and begin a relevant treatment program with the highest quality care available in a comfortable atmosphere. 

I sat down with podiatrist Abraham C. Yale, DPM, FACFAS, for an in-depth interview on his top tips for keeping our feet healthy, happy and sore free!

Women like stilettos but they can wreak havoc on our feet from 9-5. What are some of the most common problems associated with wearing high heels?

The tendency to get foot problems is very much inherited so some people are more prone to issues than others. The environment of the shoe however certainly does have an impact on whether or not certain pathology’s may or may not show up.  Some of the most common problems associated with the use of high heels are dependent on the following factors: first of all, heel height is a factor. The higher the heel, the more pressure is forced down to the ball of the foot toward the toes which can lead to the formation of painful bunions, metatarsal problems and a very common malady known as neuroma (pinched nerve).

What are other common related problems?

Hammertoes, pinched nerves, bunions,calluses and corns are very common either on the ball of the foot or on the top of the toes.

What is the best time to see a Doctor if you feel you may be developing symptoms?

As soon as you see any redness, inflammation or experience pain. 

What is the recommended high heel height?

Truly the maximum height in terms of foot health will range anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches max. The stability of the heel is also very important. The wider the base of the heel, the less likely you are to suffer ankle sprains and injures. 

What shoes do you recommend as the best in order to keep your feet healthy? 

Rubber soles are better than thin leather soles for shock absorption. A casual shoe like a sneaker is excellent. You should go with name brands. New Balance is an excellent product because it comes in many widths. In dressy shoes, I recommend the natural fibers. They’re better than the manmade fibers.

Are sole inserts helpful?

Over the counter type devices do help a certain percentage of the population but more often than not anybody that has symptomatically painful feet are better off going to a Podiatrist and getting either a prefabricated device that is available or custom molded orthotics which work very well for many conditions. (Are orthotics covered by medical insurance? They’re covered by many, but not all).

Is arch support important? 

Yes and you should always buy something that has a removable lining or inner sole so if you do get orthotics they will slip in easily.

What are some of the overall daily things we can do in order to ensure foot health?

The use of a foot powder is always excellent.  We like Zeasorb – it’s a very absorbent foot powder. (Purchase at most pharmacy’s and is offered in regular or anti-fungal).  It’s also important to not only wash well between the toes with soap and water but it’s critical to dry well after bathing as well.

Tips from the Experts:

When you buy shoes, you should always buy shoes late in the afternoon because everyone’s feet swell during the course of the day

You shouldn’t have to break shoes in – shoes should be comfortable as soon as you slip them on.

Love your feet and they'll love you back!

Associated Podiatrists is located at 1881 Post Road in Fairfield. For more information please call 203.255.1036 or visit www.greatfootcare.com.

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