Dinner Impossible: LIVE!

A chat with Chef Robert Irvine before his debut at the Ridgefield Playhouse

A career that includes; traveling for two TV shows, guest appearances, two restaurants, two cookbooks, and a soon-to-be released mobile app, in addition to spending quality time with family, might seem impossible. But Chef Robert Irvine is up for the challenge and adds wedding planner to his resume after planning his own 2012 wedding right down to the last detail. How does he do it? With two TV shows that revolve around beating the clock this high-energy chef takes it all on with enthusiasm. Chef Irvine took a few minutes to share what he likes and dislikes as well as what he has cooking up next.

Favorite type of food…
I know you would think I would say something fancy, but give me a roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and I am happy.

Is there any type food you hate?
I love all kinds of ingredients and make an effort to try everything, but I can't stand bell peppers.

Favorite chefs or inspiration…
Too many to list, but if I have to pick one it would be Michel Richard. He is a huge inspiration to me and one of my favorite chefs.

Favorite TV moment…
Working with the Tyverberg Family (The Main Dish) for Restaurant: Impossible. A great family.

Worst TV moment…
The Ice Hotel on Dinner: Impossible. I think pretty much everybody quit that day. I couldn't feel my fingers, toes, or any other body part for that matter.

Most rewarding Restaurant Impossible project…
I feel good about every restaurant and family we help, but the special episodes like Holiday: Impossible have a very special place in my heart. Getting the opportunity to make a difference for not just a family, but an entire community is a truly heartwarming and rewarding experience.
Best advice or website/app you can give amateur cooks at home…
The upcoming new Robert Irvine website and mobile app with almost a thousand recipes, advice to restaurant owners, and content aimed at helping everyone from professional chefs to the amateur.

Favorite cocktail or wine…
I am pretty partial to a nice beer, usually Stella Artois.
How do you make room for downtime with your family?
They travel with me whenever possible and even help out on set.
When do you make time to work out?
I make time early in the morning, six days a week, usually before everyone else wakes up!
What do you eat to help stay in shape?
I eat what I want, for the most part, but my activity level is enough to where I can do that.

Is there anything you want to do but haven't done yet?
I want to continue to increase the number of people I'm able to help each year.

Want to see Chef Irvine in action? Buy your tickets to his live show at the Ridgefield Playhouse on November 17. Details below.


Ridgefield Playhouse

A signing with the chef will take place after the show! Books, t-shirts and aprons will be available for purchase.

Sunday, November 17, 8 p.m.
Ticket Price: $67.00

Gold Circle Seating and Cooking Demo: $150.00 begins at 6:30 p.m.

Buy your tickets »

Come see this high energy, multimedia and multi-sensory theatrical experience. More than just a cooking demo, Robert Irvine LIVE is an interactive show that provides multiple opportunities for audience participation while witnessing the challenging nature of the TV show, Dinner: Impossible, come to life right before your eyes.

Ridgefield Playhouse
80 East Ridge, Ridgefield; 203-438-5795

80 East Ridge