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Caravan of Thieves Will Rock the Fairfield Theatre Stage

The folk/jazz band is coming back home to perform


Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters,” Katy Perry has her “Katy Cats,” and Taylor Swift has her “Swifties.” However, here in Fairfield County we are just a bunch of “Freaks.”

Bridgeport based, folk, jazz band, Caravan of Thieves, meant no offensive when they named their loyal followers "freaks." In fact, the band, made up of husband and wife duo, Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, Ben Dean, and Brian Anderson, took it one step further and refer to themselves as gypsy, swinging, serenading, fire breathing circus freaks.

Originating in 2008, it took this eclectic quartet only one year to go from playing Fairfield County only gigs, to signing with a booking agent and playing outside of the state. Now, with three albums under their belt, the band is nationally known, and is currently, “building a family of freaks around the country,” says Fuzz.

Gone are the days of a drum set and a guitar. It’s props like, pots, pans, buckets, and costumes that may show up at a Caravan of Thieves interactive concert. Inspired by the aesthetic of the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” Carries says her and the guys, “wanted to incorporate fantasy stories,” into the sound and ambience of their shows, creating a more theatrical feel than just an average concert. “We wanted to counteract the fun boppy sound of the music,” Carrie said. “That was what the music was calling for.”


Not being afraid to jump off stage and banter with the audience, Fuzz says there are still, “very big highs, and very subtle moments,” in each set. Some of those subtle moments best show off the group’s true talent, music. “It is first and foremost a concert,” Fuzz said. “It is us playing music.”

So what does that music sounds like exactly? Fuzz and Carrie categorize their sound as, “darker, folk music,” inspired by the Beatles, and the Romantic Era. Keeping the vocals at the center, and blending together an acoustic harmony, Carrie can describe the band’s sound with just one word — “fun.”

Currently, Caravan of Thieves are on tour visiting some of their favorite places, like Ann Arbor, Tampa, and Oregon, where they like to turn from musicians to house guests of some of their fans. However, this “home grown” band is coming back home this month to where it all began. Caravan of Thieves will be performing at the Fairfield Theatre Company on November 30. So get your costumes prepared, or just come ready to smile, and who knows maybe your picture will end up next to gnome’s on the band’s Facebook page.

Caravan of Thieves at the Fairfield Theatre Company

Saturday, November 30 at 7:00pm

Buy Your Tickets »

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