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Tunin' with Tad

Highlights from some of the great shows coming in May.

I think you should know that I'm having stress-related back problems due to the great burden I've placed on myself to offer you decent entertainment recommendations. What if I come out strong for a performer and you take my advice, get a babysitter, and spend money on a ticket for a show you ultimately walk out of?

With that, I ask you to interact with me via Twitter @TadLemire to let me know what concerts you're going to, what you're having for dinner, and what you think of what you're reading. Who knows?  Maybe I'll take your recommendation and we'll meet up at some seedy bar watching one of the terrible acts you told me to go to and we can dump our drinks on each other.  (Just in case you don't recognize me from the photo below, I'll be the one who hobbles through the door with a team of chiropractors following in my wake.)


Palace Theatre, May 9th

Can you name one album you can listen to in its entirety again and again, and enjoy each song equally? I'm talking front to back, side to side, not one song you like better than the other, each song equally satisfying to both ears and soul. Even Michael Jackson's "Thriller," one of the best albums of all time, had one track ("The Lady in My Life") that was worth skipping.  

For me, that perfect album is Cake's "Prolonging the Magic." Check it out on iTunes or just buy it. Cake ranks in my top three all-time favorite groups. Their concerts are great sing-a-long events where the audience becomes part of the show. Lead singer John McCrea separates the audience and teaches each side a part to sing so you can actually be part of the song. This may be as close as you'll ever get to being a rock star. (I suggest you get there early to laugh at the poor lady who shows up with her "Cake Boss" T-shirt and a sharpie looking for Buddy Valastro's autograph.)

Here's one of their popular songs, "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" performed on Letterman. But explore their music. You won't be disappointed. Or maybe you will. My credibility hangs in the balance.


Second City Touring Company

Ridgefield Playhouse, May 11th

This is live comedy that doesn't require assistance from alcohol. Second City, the famous improv group, launched the careers of Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and many others. It's like going to a taping of SNL, except the bits are funnier, shorter, and with far fewer commercials.  I spoke with Second City cast member Kevin Sciretta on the phone this week. Click here to listen »

Barefoot Truth

Fairfield Theatre Company, May 4th

FTC is a venue I've only driven past, yet it seems to be a breeding ground for an eclectic array of local, regional and national acts — the kind of place I'd want to check out. I decided to choose one performance to see in May, which turned out to be a difficult task! If you like Janis Joplin or Grace Potter, check out the Dana Fuchs Band; if you're into Phish, try Twiddle; and if you like legendary, high energy ska/funk bands recommended by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Ice T, and Flea, then go with Fishbone.

Congrats to Barefoot Truth, winners of the first ever "Tad's Battle of the YouTube Bands" contest! Part Phillip Phillips (American Idol), Phil Collins (because the singer is a drummer) and Dave Matthews. They're just "Jam Band" enough to get you into a groove without feeling like you're slipping into a coma. I've never seen them perform, but I think you'll agree when you watch this video that they're well worth looking into.

Tad LemireIf you are into music, or want to tell me about your favorite acts coming to Connecticut, please send me an email!

Tad Lemire hosts the "Tad and Tommy Show" weekday mornings on Star 99.9 and Star999.com. He can be reached via Twitter @TadLemire

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