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Spring Into Action

and get running!


Spring is upon us and summer is fast approaching.  With the change in seasons comes the change in activity level. Hopefully you have not spent all winter hibernating and packing on the dreaded extra pounds your body “needed” for “insulation”. 

However, it is now time to get up and start moving and what better way to start exercising then by using your environment around you.  Running is the best way to get up and go with no equipment necessary.

Most of the general population is scared of running for the one major reason, the fact that they don’t know how to “properly” run.  What many people believe to be a natural instinct is unfortunately lost over the years due to lack of muscle memory, instability of the joints and poor flexibility.  Luckily, correct running form is easily attained as long as you are willing to be dedicated and patient.

 Three factors that control running form:

  1. Ankle flexibility (should react like a spring)
  2. Footfall (land on mid-foot)
  3. Landing in-line with hip (propelling forward).

Running Drills: (complete 30s of each 2x prior to workout)

  • Arms swings- relaxed, neutral arms (elbow bent at 90 degrees)
  • Wall marching- practice keeping knees high and ankle flexed
  • Toe jumps- shorts jumps allowing the body to spring off the floor
  • High knee skips- mimic running form with arms and legs in alignment


 1) Core strength (circuit 3x)

  • Plank 30-60s
  • Side plank 15-30s
  • Glute raise 20x

2) Interval training (40 minutes of total running)

  • Begin with 5 minute warm-up (50% of max)
  • 8 rounds of 2 minute work (80% of max) to 1 minute recovery (50% of max)
  • 10 minute cool down (65% of max)

3) Flexibility/mobility (2x20s)

  • Hamstring stretch
  • Piriformis stretch
  • Inchworm
  • Spiderman

For further instruction refer to youtube videos on form running and contact your Personal Trainer for set drills and a program to meet your specific needs.

Justin Gaita

Justin Gaita, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is an avid fitness enthusiast who believes in overall health and wellness. He is a former rugby player who enjoys spending his time outdoors cycling as well as running and competing in triathlons and obstacle course races. He has successfully worked with clients of all ages and incorporates a motivational structure that works best for each individual.

Peak Physique, Inc.
50 Holly Hill Lane, Greenwich

Photo by: Melani Lust

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