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RoomTemp is Hot

Fairfield County Foodie gets an inside look at Moshe Aelyon's latest endeavor RoomTemp

Moshe at RoomTemp "Dinner With Friends" in Westport.

Debra Sommerville

Creative. Charismatic. Cultured. Connected. That’s Moshe.

Renowned for his extraordinary event planning skills as well as his exceptional creativity in transforming interiors, Moshe has consistently exceeded expectations and imaginations.

Jewish by birth, raised in a Muslim country with a Christian stepmother, and educated in the French school system — Moshe embodies a unique perspective on world cultures. Currently studying Buddhism, Moshe is also deeply connected with his inner self and has always aspired for the same connection with his clients, in order to give them meaningful experiences. A foodie and now an empty nester – Moshe finds himself at a unique crossroads of his life as he strives towards a meaningful future. And that got him thinking…

Growing up in Istanbul, he was deeply influenced by a culture wherein people take the time to sit together at the dinner table and have substantial conversations. In contrast, Moshe has observed people in Fairfield County, who are blessed with abundance and opportunity, yet are transient and lack a sense of “community." He hopes to infuse the “art of living” with that missing sense of community. A community, where conversations get started at dinner tables as well as on social media. He understands the importance of taking the time daily for oneself as well as spending quality time with friends and family — to relax and engage in simple activities like reading a good book, a walk on the beach with that special someone, or coffee with your girlfriends. And so, RoomTemp by Moshe was born.

With RoomTemp, Moshe will continue to employ his inherently subtle and elegant sensibilities — to offer services in Event Planning and Interior Design. To him, the name “RoomTemp” signifies energy. Consequently, when Moshe choreographs an event or designs a space, he is consumed by the idea of creating “great energy” and a “fantastic temperature." Taking that idea further into his passion for food, he has added a third component to RoomTemp: Dinner with Friends.

More importantly, RoomTemp symbolizes the notion of letting things just sit. Allowing one’s emotions and feelings to just sit for a while until they have cooled down to room temperature – before acting on them. That same notion could carry into choosing a menu with dishes that can be served at room temperature — eliminating all the fuss in the kitchen during a dinner party thereby allowing the guests as well as the host to enjoy their environment, savor delicious food and revel in each other’s company.

RoomTemp is delicious family style meals in intimate settings. It is stunning food served on large platters, brought to your table by Moshe and his team or delivered to your door for your own intimate affairs at home. RoomTemp is not limited to Turkish cuisine although the inspiration for menus will come from Aegean and Mediterranean cultures where ingredients like fresh vegetables, olive oil, lemon, garlic and yogurt play a key role because they taste so great at room temperature. 

Moshe is deeply influenced by a Middle Eastern food-centric business in London named Ottolenghi. Ottolenghi empire includes a few restaurants, cookbooks and food shops. It is owned and run by two Middle-Eastern chefs who pull from their heritage to create food that is healthy as well as tasty, presented in jarring colors – incorporating the old and the new flavors.  

Via the RoomTemp website, blog, Facebook and Twitter, Moshe also hopes to cultivate digital conversations. His blog, which is more like a monthly magazine, will follow a unique theme each month - supported by selection of a featured ingredient, a recipe, a vegetable and a conversation. For instance, the February theme was “Love”. The featured vegetable was artichokes because they have a heart in them. The theme in March is “white pepper” invoking the idea of “black and white," with cauliflower taking center stage.

Recently, over a hot cup of coffee and a leisurely chat, I engaged Moshe in an intimate Q&A. Stay tuned for that segment next week.

RoomTemp by Moshe

Twitter: @RoomTempbyMoshe | Facebook: /RoomTempbyMoshe

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