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Luxury Dining at the Gate

Upscale restaurants offer quality dining options at the airport

Crab cake with an avocado and cucumber salad in a crystallized ginger lime consommé


Collectively, we humans spend millions of hours at airports and on airplanes each year. For a foodie like me, airport food was one of the most depressing experiences to encounter. For decades we have had upscale shopping available at airports (with designer fragrances, chocolates and liquor and what not)… so why not upscale dining for one and all? 

After years of eating God knows how many pounds of sub-par food at airports and on airplanes, it is time to rejoice! Lately, a new trend is emerging that will redefine our travel-experience as we know it. Many airports and airlines worldwide are realizing the importance of providing a good quality and upscale dining experience for all their travelers and are partnering with world-renowned chefs to make it a reality. Thankfully, it is no longer an experience limited to only those who have access to first and business class lounges. Thank you, God!

This upscale dining trend seems to have kicked into warp speed in the last year or so, and I suspect that in 2013-2014 we will see many tremendous improvements.

I believe it all started a few years back when Wolfgang Puck started opening Wolfgang Puck Express eateries at various airports around the USA. Luckily, many more celebrity chefs have followed suit since then. How exciting that Iron Chef Cat Cora has Tapas and Cocktail lounges at airports in San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Houston. How wonderful for the hungry and weary traveler to discover Skewers, a collaboration between Wolfgang Puck and Iron chef Masaharu Morimoto, that opened its doors at LAX.   

I recently travelled to London and was thrilled to discover that Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant named Plane Food at Heathrow airport while Jamie Oliver at Gatwick is thriving at Gatwick airport in London. It was so fun to see really fancy looking, pop-up Caviar and Oyster bars in the heart of Heathrow airport’s shopping area. Brilliant! 

A recent announcement about the Food Network Kitchen Restaurant opening at Ft. Lauderdale airport made me realize that it is time for this trend to become the latest rage. And not just the celebrity chefs but anyone who has anything to do with the food industry is going to want a part of this movement. Well, all the better for foodie travelers like me!

So what can we expect in the next couple of years? Since tapas is an emerging trend in the international food scene, I think it is safe to assume that more tapas bars will be popping up at airports very soon, to accommodate travelers with little time or small appetites. And noodle bars! And how about cupcake boutiques for your sweet cravings?! I wonder…. if the dining scene at airports become that exciting, then will there be a time in the near future when we start to drive to the airports– just for dinner? 

So, now I have a question for you. How long do you think it will be before gourmet food trucks start pulling up at the airports?

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