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Coffee Break: Moshe Aelyon

15 minutes with the owner of RoomTemp

Portrait: Helen Klisser During

Recently, over a hot cup of coffee and a leisurely chat about his new venture, RoomTemp by Moshe, I engaged Moshe Aelyon in an intimate Q&A. As promised, here is that conversation ....

The perfect menu at RoomTemp…

The perfect menu would have 10-12 dishes, served family style, with at least three salads – one with veggies, one with greens and one with grains. I love lush platters with grilled meats and veggies served with chutneys, sauces and dressing- where ingredients like olive oil, garlic, lemon and yogurt playing a key role.

On your nightstand…

Always at least six books. I love to read backs of the books to figure out what I will read next and what is coming up. Nearly 80% of books I read are autobiographies.

On your iPod…

My iPod is very eclectic. It’s primarily jazz. No show tunes (shocking!). Growing up in Istanbul, I was exposed to world music. Having teenaged kids and doing all these bar/bat mitzvahs – has exposed me to a lot of music of this generation as well. 

Reading at the moment…

Orhan Pamuk’s The Black Book.  

Favorite cocktail…

My staple is scotch on the rocks. I love White Lillet on the rocks with a twist of orange. As for shaken cocktail, I love vodka, grapefruit juice and whatever else goes in it.

Like to do on weekends…

I love spending weekends exploring NYC neighborhoods like Brooklyn or Harlem. While my nature is to plan everything out and be organized, I love to show up in a neighborhood and just get lost in it – it’s like taking mini trips. Food, of course, is a big part of it. 

Ideal date night…

I love it when someone is in charge and surprises me. Given my personality and my profession, I am always the one choosing the restaurant or the play. It would be ideal for me to do nothing and just show up. I love gifts that are experiences. Those experiences don’t have to be high-brow but they have to be thoughtful and surprising.

Your most prized possession…

A framed collage with close-up shots of just the eyes of my children, my ex-wife and I – on our last vacation together as a family (where we discussed the upcoming changes). I take that framed image with me everywhere.

Favorite family heirloom…

From my childhood days, I remember watching my maternal grandmother cook amazing food with whatever was in the fridge. Like her, I cook from memory and experience instead of strictly following recipes.

Favorite TV show…

Charlie Rose. But I also like a healthy dose of Housewives (laughs). People ask me why I watch such trash – but I am fascinated by it as I observe human behavior unveil. I also love getting lost in a good play.  

Guilty pleasure…

Ciao Bella gelato.

Favorite website/app…

I love to browse T Magazine by New York Times. I am addicted to Instagram! I love being able to take pictures and transforming them instantly. It’s exciting!

Favorite charity…

I have two causes: Children (specifically the creativity in children) and HIV. I have been involved with Harlem Dance School and have provided kids with supplies, like shoes etc., for dance. I also get involved in various HIV related charities in the city.

Stacy Waldman Bass

Favorite home-cooked meal…

I am a sucker for any potato dish. I love mashed potatoes and french fries. Growing up, my favorite dish was a chicken stew with potatoes and tomatoes in it. My grandmother would cook it for hours.

Favorite restaurant in Fairfield County…

I love Barcelona and Sasha – because they make it fun as they capture the urban ambiance. But when it comes to food, it has to be Le Farm – no question about it. Bill Taibe is pioneering something in this town and it gives me hope that people are reacting to it.

RoomTemp by Moshe

Twitter: @RoomTempbyMoshe | Facebook: /RoomTempbyMoshe

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