Alexandra Lay and Matthew Frasca

With advice from Celebrity Wedding Planner Colin Cowie and inspiration from some local brides, you’ll be well on your way to a magical day

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photographs by Geraldine Pritchard

Alexandra Lay and Matthew Frasca both attended Darien High School, but they didn’t meet until they were in college. Matt was a freshman at the University of Tampa and Alex was planning to visit the college as a prospective student. The couple’s mothers are longtime friends and had been in touch about Alex’s impending visit. Matt’s mother suggested that he give Alex a tour of the campus.

The pair enjoyed their brief afternoon together, and when Alex returned as a student that fall, their relationship took a romantic turn. Six years later, on Thanksgiving eve, Matt picked Alex up from the Greenwich train station and drove her back to their apartment. She had just taken off her jacket when Matt proposed to her on bended knee. They celebrated with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot before heading to one of their favorite local dining spots, Papa Joe’s in Darien, where both of their families were gathered to surprise them.

Father Frank Gomez performed the wedding ceremony at St. John Parish in Darien. The church was filled with laughter when the groom’s two best men imitated Tim Tebow on bended knee as they handed the rings to Father Gomez. Following the ceremony, a reception was hosted at the Country Club of Darien.

The bride is the daughter of Mary and Donald Lay of Darien. She graduated from the University of Tampa with a BFA in graphic design and works for Discovery Communications in Manhattan, where she is in advertising sales for The Learning Channel.

The groom is the son of Janet and Ralph Frasca of Darien. He received his bachelor’s in marketing and advertising from the University of Tampa and is in financial services for the New York Life Insurance Company in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

The newlyweds traveled to Antigua, West Indies, for their honeymoon. They now reside in Greenwich.



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