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The Top Tips for Summer Hair Care

A few great ways to maintain beautiful hair all summer long

Maya Hoffman swimsuit and cover up


Despite the fact that your skin often benefits from the excess moisture in the summer air, we all know that your hair is a little less appreciative of the muggy weather. With the high percentage of humidity in the air, frequent dips into the ocean and pool, and other summertime concerns, hair upkeep can be significantly more difficult during the warmer months. We asked Justan Garcia of the Rick Garcia Salon in Westport for a few of his best tips, favorite products and top salon treatments to take advantage of during the summer.

How should you protect your hair and color during a day in the sun, pool or beach?

Protect your hair and color by applying conditioner to wet or dry hair and leave in.  The conditioner will act as a sunscreen and barrier from the chlorine As an added bonus, you will have given yourself an excellent conditioning treatment for the day.

What should you do with your hair on humid days?

Make sure the hair has NO moisture left before going outdoors. Avoid hydrating shampoos and opt for smoothing shampoos.

What is a helpful summertime salon treatment?

Getting a glaze is great way to tone down washed out color also bringing shine, beauty and smoothness back to your hair. In addition, coming in for a PowerDose (an intense conditioning treatment) will leave your hair feeling smooth and glossy.

Should you wash your hair more or less during the summer?

Wash less if you haven’t been going to the beach or spending time in a pool.

What is a good way to style your hair without using any heat?

Try braiding it while it’s wet, then letting it out while it’s dry.

What are good products and salon treatments for the summer?

For a day in the sun, pool or beach try using the Surface Bassu Masque or take advantage of a PreArt Treatment to remove the build up of chlorine or any other unwanted elements from your hair.

Justan Garcia
Surface Bassu Masque

What kinds of products do you use on humid days?

On humid days use these products to help tame frizzy hair: Trinity Shampoo and Conditioner, Bliss Smooth Cream

Justan Garcia
Left to right: Trinity Shampoo and Conditioner, Bliss Smooth Cream, Bassu Oil

Rick Garcia Salon

293 Post Road East, Westport; 203-221-1061

Tue – Wed: 9am – 5:30pm
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