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Tackle Dry Skin

4 remedies for keeping your skin smooth and hydrated all winter long

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During the winter months our skin is in a constant battle between the harsh elements outside and the hot dry air of the heater on full blast everywhere we go. It's not just our faces that are affected. It's our lip, toes and everything in between. This non-stop hot and cold leaves skin tight, itchy, and irritated. Here are some of my favorite remedies to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the cold winter months.

1) Change Up Your Moisturizing Routine

Using a more emollient cream is great for winter but sometimes it can be a little too much during the day and make it difficult to apply your face makeup. Try using your thicker moisturizer at night paired with hyaluronic acid serum (such as Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel). Hylauronic acid is great because it holds 1000x it's weight in water, essentially binding the moisturizer to your skin, while the B5 aids in tissue repair. By applying this first, then your night cream, your face will stay hydrated longer. In the morning use your regular moisturizer after applying the same serum.

2) Use a Humidifier

These are great in the winter because when you use your heater you reduce the amount of moisture in the air from 30% to 10%. To get the best benefits from this, use it in your bedroom at night with the door shut. Not only will your skin feel better, your nose and throat will also.

3) Switch from Body Lotion to Body Oil

Every winter I hear people say "take your shower with luke warm water instead of hot to preserve your skin's natural oil." It's a good idea in theory but not very practical for me because I am unwilling to sacrifice my warmth and comfort. I take hot showers all year long, despite the tight, itchy skin I'm left with afterward. My solution to this is body oil immediately after showering. I love Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Oil. Apply it while your skin is still damp and allow a few minutes for it to absorb before you get dressed.

4) Exfoliate Your Lips

Your lips take a beating during the winter so it's important to take extra care of them. There are two ways to do this. My favorite method is brushing. Using a small, soft toothbrush gently brush your lips in small circles for one to two minutes and follow with a healing ointment such as Aquaphor Healing Ointment or Neosporin. Your other option is a lip scrub.  I've tried quite a few of these and I've found that I like sugar scrubs the best. There are a lot out there but the best of the best is the Sara Happ Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. It smells delicious and leaves your lips as soft as silk. Massage it in for two minutes, rinse, apply Aquaphor and your lips will love you.

Melissa PerezMelissa Perez, protegee of Anastasia of Beverly Hills, is the go to brow girl at Blow Dry Southport turning perfect brows and youthful eyes into essential accessories. Melissa's areas of expertise are makeup applications, lash and brow tinting, lash application and facial waxing.

blow dry southport
3397 Post Road, Southport

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