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Top 5 Fitness Classes at Equinox

5 fun ways to get in shape for summer


Looking to keep your summer body in check? Equinox shares the top 5 classes to get your body in shape this summer! 


One of Equinox’s most popular and unique group fitness class—Whipped!—utilizes old-school rope training in conjunction with a modern approach to interval training. Whipped! is a low impact approach to cardio fitness, which elicits high anaerobic intensity in quick bursts (30 seconds of performance, followed by 30 seconds of active recovery). Each 45-minute heart-pounding circuit class begins with a brief joint mobility-based warm up series, followed by 35 minutes packed with back-to-back strength and resistance training and metabolic training. The class structure is broken down into five stations, each designed to target specific areas of the body (predominately arms, legs and core) and utilizes various forms of equipment including steps, stability balls, kettlebells as well as the strength ropes. The overall focus: challenging, endurance-sparking moves that incorporate either a push-or-pull motion into every combination. Fundamental moves include whipping ropes, power lunges and squats, push up and plank variations as well as energetic jumps.


Stacked is based on density training through a series of patterns and exercises, organized into unique “stacks.” Classes use the innovative SandBell ® sandbag, resistance tools and body weight exercises to target the entire body in intervals of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Start with one exercise and then increase the number of exercises as you stack one move on top of another, creating a more challenging workout. Each class will consist of two stacks, each containing six individual movements. “Stacked is the perfect class for those looking for a little variety in their workout,” says Lisa Wheeler, senior national creative manager for group fitness at Equinox. “The new class delivers results by accumulating or “stacking” multi-joint exercises, varying intensity and engaging your mind which is perfect for those looking to keep their sleek physique all season long.”


Equinox has perfected the formula for the ultimate in fat-blasting—and it’s called MetCon3. It promises to be the simplest, and yet hardest, class you’ll ever take.

Based on the practice of metabolic conditioning, MetCon3 is a high-energy, high-intensity class that draws on the latest research in endocrinology, exercise science, and strength building to tax the body’s three energy systems and improve the storage and delivery of energy to muscles of the body. The goal: To transform your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. The underlying philosophy of metabolic conditioning, which study after study bears out, is that this type of anaerobic training may match, or even outperform, endurance training for aerobic benefit. Brief, intense bursts of activity (think the polar opposite of a long, medium-intensity cardio workout) using heavy weights can maximize caloric expenditure and target fat loss while improving functional strength—and keep you burning fat for hours after you leave.

RX Series 

To reach your maximum potential, Equinox introduces RX Series, which prescribes the 3 “M”s – massage, mobilization and maximizing performance to revitalize the body. Designed by the Equinox Group Fitness team and Jill Miller, co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of Yoga Tune Up ®, this 30-45-minute class combines self-myofascial massage, range-of-motion stretches and breath strategy to recharge and reset the system for your highest performance yet. RX Series will benefit any athlete by adding restoration and recovery moves into their workout routine. “RX Series strives to educate about the importance of self-care and gives students the tools to stay injury-free through guided self-massage sequences,” says Miller. “The class demonstrates how performance is enhanced by regeneration while introducing breath, mindset and meditation.” This unique class using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls, yoga blocks and stretch straps helps to keep joints mobile and tissues supple so the body lasts longer and remains pain-free. RX Series can be a supplement to anyone with an overworked or unconditioned body as it addresses aches, pain, tension and stress. RX Series serves as a preparation for workouts or an active recovery solution following your workout. RX Series is perfect for anyone short on time and provides an all-over body recharge for energy and balance, while complementing any existing exercise routine.

Inside Out Barre   

With springtime close at hand and summer clothes already in the stores, more and more people will be shaping up by hitting the barre at Equinox. InsideOut Barre, an innovative total-body conditioning program that has been a staple in New York and Connecticut Equinox clubs for years, is steadily becoming a club favorite around the country. InsideOut Barre is a barre method workout that burns fat, sculpts muscles and slims the physique head to toe through intense intervals of conditioning and stretching. Ballet movements and isometric contractions combine with Pilates-based core work and yoga style stretching to shape and smooth strong yet supple muscles. Participants at any fitness level can immediately look and feel fit and energized from the first class onward.

InsideOut Barre is an optimal workout for busy fitness enthusiasts who want to burn calories while increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and the personal endurance needed to handle demanding schedules. InsideOut Barre is also a popular class for anyone who is recovering from injuries and strains, needs to increase their range of motion, or has been away from a regular workout routine for a while. “No impact” movements, light weights, high reps, energizing music and a supportive class dynamic are all critical ingredients to the InsideOut Barre experience.

To try one of Equinox’s signature fitness classes, visit Equinox Greenwich or Equinox Darien.

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