Running Loops in Fairfield County

Six places to run in Fairfield County.

4 Miles — Compo Beach, Westport

Start at Compo beach and head up towards Hillspoint Road towards Compo Cove. The scenic views of the Sound will put your mind at ease as you sweat it out! Run until you are almost at i-95, and then turn right onto Grove Point Road. Run around the loop, and then retrace your steps until you get to Burham Hill. Make a right onto Burnham Hill, and make a left at the end of the road. Make a right onto Minute Man Hill and follow it around, staying right. Cross over Compo Beach Road South, past the statue and onto Compo Beach Road. Follow it around until you return to your starting point on the beach.

3 Miles — Weeburn Country Club, New Canaan

You don't have to be a member of Weeburn to run the three mile loop around it — so get out your running shoes and take advantage of this scenic route through town. You can start anywhere you can find parking! Just note that when running without sidewalks, you have to be extra cautious to watch for cars.


3 Miles — Bell Island, Rowayton

One of the most scenic routes in Fairfield County, the running loop around Bell Island is a must. Start at the Rowayton Library and run South to Bell Island. There, you will see stunning views of the Sound from South Beach and the Greens Ledge Lighthouse. Continue East through Pine Point, where there are beautiful homes and historic residences apelnty. You will pass Bayley Beach to the South (and if you're there around 5 p.m. on a Sunday, you may be able to hear the music coming from the summer concert series!). Continue into the town of Rowayton, which hugs the Five Mile River. There is a wide sidewalk to run on, shops to see if you want to stop for a bit, and the Rowayton Market — which has a nice deck out back if you're looking for a spot to rest and recharge with a cold drink. As you leave town, you'll pass pretty Pinkney Park and catch a last glimpse of the river. From there, head up Wilson Ave back toward the library.

2 Miles — Southport Beach, Fairfield

Though this is not an actual "loop," it is one of the most scenic areas of Fairfield County — so it's no wonder you'll want to double back and run the route twice! Park at Southport Beach and begin running towards Beachside Ave. Not only are there stunning views of Long Island Sound, but some of Southport's most beautiful homes line the road as well. Just before Green Farms Academy, there is a view of Long Island Sound that just might make you run in place while you take it all in. Continue past Greens Farms Academy and take a slight right onto New Creek Road. Then, make a right onto Maple Lane. Run until you hit Increase Lane — this is one mile. Retrace your steps back to Southport Beach, and you've just run two miles!


2 Miles — Lake Mohegan, Fairfield

Lake Mohegan is a nice place to run, but perhaps an even better place to walk. There are a few spots along the lake where wooden boards have been placed on the ground to maintain the walking path, so be careful if you do decide to jog. The path that curves around Lake Mohegan and Mill River is a little slice of serenity in Fairfield — so if you follow it around the entire area, you can clock two miles while enjoying nature.


1 Mile — Cove Island, Stamford

When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head down to Cove Island. The designated running path spans about one mile, but you can run it multiple times to log a few more miles! As an added bonus, you can rest your tired muscles on the beach afterwards!

Now — tell us! Where is your favorite local spot to run?





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