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The five most annoying people you’ll encounter at the gym

© Dean Mitchell/istockphoto

The gym is a unique place you brave day in and day out not because you want to, but because you have to. Let’s face it; no one actually likes the gym. Most times, it’s a struggle just get into workout clothes. And when you finally drag yourself there, you have to deal with the cast of characters, one more irritating then the next.

You know whom I’m talking about. Every gym has them; the beauty queen that hasn’t met a mirror she didn’t like or the nudist who refuses to cover up in the locker room. From the “know it all” to the “grunter,” there’s always going to be those people who make you want to scream.

Below are the five most annoying people your bound to run into at the gym:

The Beauty Queen: I get it; the GQ model on the treadmill next to you could be your future husband and you don’t want to look like a character out of the Walking Dead when he finally gets the guts to ask you out. But there’s no reason why you need a red lip and a smoky eye. You’re at the gym, not the club. Put your hair in a ponytail and go au natural.

The Lunk: Now don’t get me wrong, I love a guy with muscles. Who doesn’t? But a guy that only communicates in grunts and screams obscenities isn’t what I call “prince charming.” If you don’t want to come face-to-face with these over-stimulated specimens, stick to the cardio machines. Lunks are practically allergic to treadmills. Thank god…

The Wandering Eye: Please don’t stare incessantly at me like you’re undressing me with your eyes. It’s creepy, not to mention uncomfortable. And don’t think I don’t see you doing it to others. It’s a gym, not strip club. Keep your head and your eyes down at all times.

The Hoarder: What are you, four-years-old? Share people! Just because you’re in the zone doesn’t mean you can ignore the ten people waiting in line for the treadmill. There’s 30-minute time rule for a reason. It’s so people like you don’t hog machines and ruin it for the rest of us.

The Social Butterfly: Lounging on an exercise mat for a half an hour while flapping your lips to your girlfriend about your annoying co-worker doesn’t constitute as working out. Zip it; you’re mouth doesn’t need to get a workout, and no one cares about last night’s disaster date. Less talking and more running.

Which gym rat annoys you the most? Sound off on the comments below.




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