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Luxury Golf Gear

The hottest names in drivers, accessories, and more

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There is nothing like a little quality accessorizing to boost your confidence and smarten up your golf game, I always say. So, here are a few trinkets that will make you look impressive!

The folks at Ferrari didn’t stop at expensive red sports cars and expensive red golf drivers. They also manufacture an entire line of golf clothing and accessories in a bunch of different colors. How about a golf bag made from the same Poltrona Frau leather used in their Ferrari GT cars? It can be yours for a mere $2,800. Or perhaps some full grain leather golf shoes, handcrafted in Italy and embossed on the heel with the Ferrari Prancing Horse logo. You’ll need about $600 in booty if you want to walk off wearing these booties...

Okay, so you bought the Ferrari Driver, but you still can’t quite commit to the car. No problema! You can just continue on the “Easing in to Italy” plan with the Penwick F5 luxury golf cart. This little red terror is unofficially modeled after the rare Ferrari Enzo car. There were only 400 Enzos built in total between the years 2002 and 2004 (only one was actually built in 2004 and it was donated to the Vatican). 

Ferrari Enzo CarThe car has a top speed of 218 mph, and found the spotlight when it appeared in the 2003 movie Charlie’s Angels. Today the car commands an auction price of anywhere from $1.5 to $3 million. The Enzo, therefore is not covered on the “Easing in to Italy” plan. There is no easing in to the Enzo. The Penwick F5 on the other hand, with a top speed of 20 mph is 200 mph slower than the Enzo, and at $20,500 it costs about a hundred times less than it’s 12 cylinder predecessor. 

Down the road somewhat from the Ferrari Factory in Maranello Italy, the Penwick F5 is manufactured in Springville Utah, along with several other golf cart models that look suspiciously familiar. Although buying a Penwick F5 will not grant you access to the Ferrari owners inner circle, it will most certainly turn a few heads.

Leaving Ferrari behind, but staying in Italy for the moment, how about a Louis Vuitton Leather golf bag for $13,000 as an amusing exercise in ostentation. Saddling your caddy with this Damier Diva at the next member/member will certainly guarantee you a first place finish for in-your-face intimidation. (Just remember, with a bag like this you can’t get away with cheap tipping!)

Moving on, the Dixon Fire is a multi-layer, eco friendly golf ball made out of recyclable material and designed for the professional golfer. But that won’t stop an amateur like me from dropping $75.00 on a dozen of them!

At $58,000 the Golf Hovercraft is the ultimate toy for the overindulgent. Powered by a 65 horsepower engine, the hovercraft rides on a cushion of air nine inches above the ground, allowing it to float across water hazards, sail over sand traps and blast though the deep rough at speeds of up to 45 mph. It can carry four passengers and two golf bags, and its fiberglass composite hull construction meets all US Coastguard standards of watercraft reliability.  

I know, I know — I’m thinking the same thing — I just gotta have me one of those!

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