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How Moffly Media Staffers Stay Fit

From fitness routines to healthy snacks find out how the Moffly Media team stays in shape.


Working full time definitely puts a damper on the inclination to workout. For a little motivation, find out what these twelve Moffly Media employees do to stay fit and healthy on their 40+ hour work schedules.

Staying in Shape

Lisa Hingst Moffly MediaYes, I am a bit of a gym rat (or at least used to be!) and go to Crunch in Norwalk. My husband is a tri-athlete who goes there with me on the weekends, but loves Chelsea Piers for the pool during the week.
I go to Crunch because frankly, it’s ridiculously inexpensive and for what I need and use a gym for, they cover the bases. I’m a very basic gym-goer and am happy with a working elliptical and accessible tv's set to ESPN/Sports Center for motivational entertainment while I’m working away. Then I move to free weights and some mat work. Crunch also has a couple of professional trainers there that I’ve heard good things about and might try, with the goal of adding some new things to my workout. Long and short of it, being a no-frills workout person, I’m happy to forego fancy bathrooms and shower products for a gym that’s easy on my wallet.
In terms of “wow” factor, the pool at Chelsea Piers is fantastic. Big, blue, airy and bright. I love it! Just wish I could get up at 5 a.m. with my husband and get over there! But what a great new facility overall CP has been for our area. A great addition to the more traditional and smaller offerings. Besides my swimmer-husband who’s addicted to the pool, my boys love the pick-up basketball and volleyball during open court times too. Lisa Hingst, Sales Director Sports and Fitness

I go to CrossFit Stamford and I love it. Between high-intensity circuit training and olympic lifting, their workouts are always a challenge—mentally and physically. Plus, the coaches and other people in the classes are cheering you on every step of the way. Nathan Tavares, Editorial Assistant

Amy Vischio Moffly MediaWhether I run or walk both have become favorite exercises of mine because there is almost no gear involved. Good shoes and I'm off. Well, and a few other articles of clothing, of course! In the summer I also love stand-up paddle boarding. For me it is a cross between exercise and aqua therapy—if the waters are calm you can find yourself in a zen-like state of paddling while taking in the scenery. If you are inclined to really work out, you just crank it up—your speed is dependent on your physical output and technique. Paddling in on a windy day and in choppy waters will guarantee to work out muscles you didn't even know you had. Whether you go hard or just go, SUP is great because it is low impact on your joints and is improves balance and core strength.

Bonus tip: To up the fun factor, Down Under has races that are a hoot—guys against the girls— what's better than that? They also have lots of outings that make you forget you are even exercising in the first place. Amy Vischio, VP of Editorial and Design

I like to run for exercise. I LOVE running outside. We have a huge bridge that goes from New London to Groton and I love to run that when the weather is nice. It is so nice to be outside in the fresh air and to just forget about life for an hour or two. Kerri Fice, Production Manager

I love to run, mostly because it usually makes me feel good. There's a lot to be said for those happy hormones that the brain secretes after knocking out a couple of miles. On the weekends, I usually jog through my hometown of Rowayton; the exercise feels easier when there's a pretty water view to enjoy.
During the week, I have to wait until after work, and after the kids are in bed to squeeze in a workout. I use the treadmill at Crunch in Norwalk. I chose that gym because it's close to home. It's open late and I can catch up bad TV thanks to all the big screens. Jeanne Craig, Editor New Canaan-Darien magazine

Skye RotanteDuring the winter I train with my brother, a personal trainer at Underground Fitness. Monday and Wednesdays we do an hour long of intense circuits. Tuesdays and Thursdays I do a light workout (since I am usually incredibly sore from training and need to rest my muscles) which usually consist of 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of abs/lower body exercises. On Fridays I take a Zumba class to finish off the week. Sometimes I do a 30-45 minute workout on Saturday or Sunday depending how my body feels. During the warm weather I love running outside on the days I am not training and mix in running up and down the stadium stairs at Stamford High for a more intense workout. Cove Beach is also a great place to run since it has a mile long trail and the ocean view is beautiful! My favorite workout is definitely training with my brother. One, because that is where I get my best results and two, my friends are in the group, so it makes it more fun! Skye Rotante, Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Eating Healthy

Nuts – just about any, served raw – not salted and not toasted. Almonds, cashews and walnuts are my favorites. And a couple spoonfuls of 100% raw cashew butter for breakfast before the gym. —Jonathan Moffly, President Moffly Media

Casey Pennella Moffly MediaKale chips are my new go to. Add a little bit of olive oil and sea salt over fresh kale and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Casey Pennella, Sales Assistant

Sliced Honey Crisp apples, peel on, with peanut butter or a couple of stalks of celery and a (generous) tablespoon of peanut butter. Rick Johnson, Sales Director Real Estate

Katie Conti Moffly MediaMy favorites are Greek non-fat yogurt, gluten-free granola, almond butter, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds. I love it, as does my husband and two-year-old little boy! —Katie Conte, Art Director (Photograph: Melani Lust)

I love lightly salted pistachios because they have crunch, they're salty, full of protein and just plain yummy! —Jane Gatenby, Production Associate

I love a cold, straight-from-the-fridge Honey Crisp apple. Cucumber slices with Whole Foods jalapeño hummus is a strangely good combo. —Ali Nichols, Associate Editor

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