Get Fit: How to Stay Motivated

7 tips to stay motivated this summer

Summer, with beaches and BBQs beckoning, can put a serious wrench in your fitness plans.  For many of us, our days are less scheduled in the summer, and while we may have longer days, we also fall out of our exercise routine. Staying motivated to improve that beach body is competing with minty Mojitos and lounging by the pool with a good read. I get it! But, there are ways to keep your exercise regimen strong through the summer months and beyond!

Here are some of my top tips:

Fun factor: Find a workout you love.  Ok, I know that sounds crazy (not everyone truly loves to exercise), but once you find a workout that is truly fun and makes you feel better and stronger – where you can lose yourself, your worries and your to-do lists – you’ll stick to it.

Shake it up.  Any routine has the potential to get stale. If you dread your routine at the gym – and you haven’t seen results in months – it means you need to mix it up.  In order to increase your fitness level, remind your muscles to work harder and challenge yourself, you need a variety of workouts in your fitness tool box. Try something new! Give an indoor cycling class a spin, shake your booty in a hip hop dance class or Zumba, lengthen and strengthen your muscles in Barre method or Pilates, or find serenity in yoga. It can be intimidating to try new things, but once you rip off that Band-aid and get past the initial muscle soreness, your body and mind will thank you.

Partner Up.  Never underestimate the power of a like-minded workout buddy!  Knowing you’re meeting someone at a class or for a run is the best motivation and keeps you accountable. You don’t want to let her/him down if you don’t show!  Maybe even place bets:  if you don’t make the 6 a.m. circuit class, you owe your sidekick a smoothie.

Commit publicly:  Announce your fitness goals and plans to your friends and family – on the phone with your mom or shout it from the Facebook hilltops.  Sharing also makes you accountable and helps keep you motivated to stay the course. No one likes to quit in front of an audience.  Spread the word!


Seek support: No one ascends alone.  Friends and family are usually our network of fans who believe in us, even when we start doubting ourselves.  We achieve great things with belief in ourselves and have our faithful fans cheering us on!  Find a supportive and inviting community, whether it’s at a boutique studio, gym or a biking group, that notices when you’re not there.  Connect with an instructor or trainer who applauds even your smallest feats -- or kicks you in the pants when you need it most.   

Look good, feel good.  There’s nothing better than finding workout clothes that are actually flattering.  (What’s better than compression spandex to make you feel slimmer?!)  If the thought of putting on leggings makes you want to go back to bed in defeat, find something that is flattering to you, your body type and comfort level.  

Rock on. Music can be a powerful force, especially when it comes to exercise. It can set the tone and pace of your run, your cycle class, or push you a little harder during those extra burpees.  So download your favorite tunes or make a Spotify channel and your workout will fly by.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.  I strongly believe that excellence is a habit.  So get moving!  

About Rhodie Lorenz

Rhodie Lorenz of JoyRideOn the bike and off, Rhodie is swift, passionate and purposeful. She co-founded JoyRide Cycling Studio and developed its exclusive method based on her belief that form (based on Pilates principles) + attitude (best positive effort) + good music (rhythm and mood) = a better you.  She believes that exercise challenges us to be our best and creates new opportunities for us in the studio and beyond.  

JoyRide offers JoyCycle (indoor cycling), JoyCircuit, JoySculpt, JoyGroove (hip hop dance workout), yoga and mat Pilates group exercise classes, as well as private Pilates Reformer sessions.  JoyRide has studios in Westport (1200 Post Road East), Darien (25 Old Kings Highway North) and Ridgefield (62 Danbury Road).

Instagram @joyridestudio
Twitter:  @joyride_studio



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