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Five Fickle Foods

5 foods that appear healthy, but aren't


We asked local nutritionist, weight loss coach, and blogger Annette Alfieri about some common food misconceptions and were surprised with her answers. You might be too!

“I think certain foods have ‘health halos’ over them,” says Alfieri. “You know, people think they can eat them without remorse so they tend to overdo them and then wonder why they aren’t reaching their health goals. Another thing is that people think they are good for their kids to eat but they actually purchase less healthy versions because they are marketed to children. If I’m behind you in the super market, I shouldn’t be able to tell you have kids by the multi-colored food in your cart.”

These foods are still part of a healthy diet when eaten in their purest version and certainly have their place. Just don’t eat with abandon or you may find the scale creeping up and your dreams of getting in shape by summer slipping by the wayside.


People love yogurt, and it’s a good choice if you are eating plain flavored Greek yogurt. But people love fruit, and there are even kid’s flavors with sprinkles. These yogurts are really high in both carbs and sugar — up to 6 teaspoons in a tiny cup! Consider spicing up the plain varieties with your own sliced fruit.


These really aren’t any better than sugary fruit drinks, if you don’t make your own they often come with added sherbet, which makes them taste good but doesn’t do anything for your sugar consumption. If you are set on having one ask them to add some protein (it’s usually an option) or have a cheese stick with it. If you are making your own, frozen fruit is great with plain yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt

This is ice cream, no matter how you slice it. A huge frozen yogurt for lunch seems okay but you’d never have a huge bowl of ice cream. You are better off having a small full-fat ice cream if you want to satisfy your craving.

Fat-free Cottage Cheese (or really fat-free anything)

Mostly they replace the fat with salt or sugar, so you are losing one thing but gaining something else you don’t want. Fat is about quality not quantity, your body needs fat and it’s satisfying, you just can’t eat too much of it. Or anything for that matter.

Granola/Trail Mix

In and of itself, it’s not bad but these can be high in both sugar and fat. It’s really best as a condiment, not the main event. If you look on the box at the serving size, it’s much smaller than you think.

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