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Spring Into a New Gym

3 local gyms and their Spring offerings


The temperatures are finally getting milder and that only means one thing — we are getting closer to swimsuit season. Not only does spring mean extra gym time to prepare for days spent at beaches and pools, but it’s also a reawakening from the harsh winter months. We clean our homes to make room for the new, and the same applies to our own health. So try the latest fitness trends, set goals and maybe even fall in love with a new gym this spring.

Here are three local Fairfield County gyms and what they are offering this season straight from the owners and partners themselves.


crunch gymThe Atmosphere: Crunch offers a fun and friendly atmosphere, within clean, state-of–the-art facilities. There are no judgments at Crunch, as our fitness professionals help our members to reach their goals by providing true expertise and constant encouragement. Crunch's members represent a diverse community, all of whom feel welcome whenever they walk into one of the facilities.

The Classes: Crunch is known for its cutting-edge classes, many of which are exclusive to Crunch. The most popular offerings include TRX, Bosu, Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. They even offer a class called "Tread n' Shed," where the instructors push participants through the paces on actual treadmills within a class environment.

The Most Popular Class: One of the latest class offerings is called, "Overdrive." Overdrive is a high intensity interval training class that pushes participants to the max. From tabata to sprint training, this workout features a variety H.I.I.T techniques. Grueling, all-out work efforts are alternated with brief recovery periods to provide a total body workout with maximum results.

Membership: All of these classes are included with the Peak membership, for just $19.95 per month. No annual contract is required.

Advice for a quick, on-the-go workout: “Cardiovascular exercise is heart-healthy and will allow you to burn fat within your workout. Yet, weight training builds muscular strength and bone density and will help boost your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn fat long after your workout session ends. Typically, it's most beneficial to combine both cardio and weight training, rather than being one-dimensional with your training. However, it's important to increase the intensity of both forms of exercise when on-the-go or pressed for time at the gym. Intensity will always win over duration when it comes to getting results.” –Paul Bedard, Partner & Director of Operations at Crunch

Crunch Norwalk
770 Connecticut Ave

Fairfield Pilates

The Atmosphere: At Fairfield Pilates, atmosphere is a top priority. The studio is kept clean and organized and competition is strictly friendly and healthy. Inspiration and hard, healthy work are emphasized. Beginners are encouraged to start with a customized private or semi-private session or two, so they can safely learn the principles of Pilates before joining a group class. People often get a friend or two together & set up semi-private sessions to get started.

The Classes: There is a new Pilates-based, heart-bumping class for spring. Also, there’s a special MELT workshop on March 22 where you can learn simple at-home exercises to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life.

The Most Popular Class: Both Reformer/Tower and Mat classes are popular & many clients like to do at least one of each per week.

How often should you practice? The best way to see results with the Pilates method is through consistency. If practiced three times a week, Pilates changes your body and your life! Most people don't stop once they start- it's life-long conditioning.


Advice for a quick, on-the-go workout: “The beautiful thing about Pilates is that once you learn the exercises properly, you can do the mat work anywhere (with a mat for your spine!) and we encourage clients to do so often. Through our guidance, you get to know which exercises are most beneficial for your body type.” –Cait Lyddy, Owner of Fairfield Pilates

Fairfield Pilates
85 Mill Plain Rd


The Atmosphere: Super friendly, super fun, and an adult’s playground. They believe that everyone has the potential to achieve all of their goals, objectives, and dreams if they can harness focus, power, and determination. BKAthletics has been built as the workshop where these dreams can turn into reality.

The Classes: They offer a free class each Saturday for any newcomers. They currently offer customized calorie-controlled meal plans for weight loss with Cross Cuisines, which is a gluten-free, grain-free, hormone-free, dairy-free, antibiotic-free company.

The Most Popular Classes: The Mobility/Yoga class on Sundays and The CrossFit Beat class are both extremely popular.

The Membership: All-inclusive with a professional coach. They also have a number of police, doctors, teachers, college students who train and exercise on their own in the gym.

Advice for someone new to CrossFit: “Do it, for it will change your life. I feel it’s very important for any person to do their research on the best CrossFit gyms in your area. The differences are huge. The number one priority is that your gym of choice offers a comprehensive assessment/ Lifestyle consultation BEFORE you start. In our 1 hour initial meeting we at BKAthletics/CrossFit Performance do a Functional Movement Screen(FMS), Health Testing, Nutrition screen, breathing testing with the newcomer painting a unique picture of who they are. From there we layer a specific exercise/ nutrition/lifestyle plan for the individual.” –Ben Kelly, Owner of BKAtheltics

85 Mill Plain Rd

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