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Food to Get in the Mood

Use these foods to add some sizzle and spice to your Valentine's Day!

You can pick up ingredients found on the menu in the adjacent market that includes a butcher shop


Do Green M&M’s and heart shaped candies really work on Valentines? Do you want to put some sizzle back into your sex life? We've all heard that certain foods have great powers that when consumed create feelings of both love and lust. Look no further than these exotic and even household foods that can help you set the mood this Valentine's Day.  Nothing is better than preparing a romantic, candlelit dinner, featuring some key foods to heat things up with you and your valentine. Curious which enchanting foods work? Below is a list of my top 10 picks for foods which will get your mind and body ready for bed!

There's a reason that chocolate is the most popular gift on Valentines Day. Not only are chocolates my number one pick for the holiday, but they also contain antioxidants, which are pick-me-ups that can improve your mood. Eating chocolates triggers a feeling of relaxation, lust, passion, intoxication, and pleasure. The chemical in chocolate supposedly generates feelings similar to falling in love. According to legend, Montezuma drank 50 cups of chocolate every day to boost his virility before visiting his harem of 600 women. A small amount of quality chocolate can set the mood just as easily.

For many people, the feel of an oyster in your mouth is genuinely arousing. Oysters are rich in zinc, required by the body for the production of testosterone. This boost can increase your libido. They happen to be one of “The World’s Sexiest Foods” too. Eat an oyster ever so slowly, but be careful that while they’re supposedly sexy, make sure you are not fishing bits of shell out of your mouth.

Since their discovery by Alexander the Great, civilizations have believed in the sexual power of bananas. The vitamins in Bananas convert carbs into energy and help in the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Bananas are the perfect food to help you sustain your stamina. Try eating one a few hours before your special night to keep your energy up. They are also quite visually suggestive.

Avocados help increase stamina and energy. They also contain vitamins, which increase male hormone production. Apparently the Aztecs called the avocado tree a 'testicle tree' because they thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree looked shockingly similar. It’s smooth creamy texture and shape add to their sensuality.

Red Wine & Champagne
Try drinking a glass of red wine or champagne before you get into bed. It will rouse your libido and it keeps your blood flowing. Avoid drinking too much as excessive alcohol decreases your performance and desire. You don’t want to fall asleep at all the wrong times. Eyes wide open!

Ginger originated in China thousands of years ago. It increases the libido in both genders by increasing the circulation in the genital areas. No wonder the Chinese use ginger in everything. One lucky duck!

These long phallic veggies contain folate, which are required for both men and women to reach an orgasm. Asparagus are also high in vitamins, which are considered to stir up lust.

Out of range for most budgets, Caviar is known to have qualities that enhance nerve cells, which can heighten romantic instincts. These eggs are of course the familiar symbol of fertility. From Russia with love!

The big red...Cinnamon is used to warm up your body. A drop of cinnamon oil in the “right places” can spark an intense sensation.

Cherries have served as the most infamous aphrodisiac for centuries. The color, shape, touch and tang give them a sexual charm like no other fruit. Cherry Pie anyone?

Eat, Love, Party!

Jeff SeldenWith an extensive background in luxury event planning, honed at some of the country's most exclusive hotels, Jeffrey Selden leverages his two decades-long party history in his role as Managing Partner of his family owned business, Marcia Selden Catering and Event Planning. Whether it's an opulent party for 500, or an intimate private dinner, he holds an industrywide reputation as a power event-builder with a unique, creative vision and flawless results. Marcia Selden Catering and Event Planning has been named "Best of the Gold Coast" of Fairfield County by Moffly Media for several years running, and was recently honored by The Knot as “The Best of Weddings.”


Jeffrey Selden
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