Dining In: Local Restaurant Recipes

Dining out is enjoyable, but wouldn't you like to make restaurant quality meals at home? Better yet, why not make the exact dishes you have enjoyed at your favorite local restaurants. We looked to the area chefs and restaurateurs for recipes to their most popular dishes and they were happy to oblige. We have collected them all in our virtual recipe box and organized them by contributor and category. Bon appetit!

NameSort Descending Contributed bySort Descending
Bolognese SauceNorth Star
BouillabaisseTent Twenty Post
Bouillabaisse a la MinuteOsianna Taverna
Braised Lamb Shank with Thyme RisottoNorth Star
Branzino MarechiaroFerrante Restaurant
Breast of Chicken Braised with Herbs, Ginger and Lemon VinaigretteRestaurant Jean-Louis
Broiled Sea Bass a la ModeThe Cantering Caterer, Christian O'Dowd
Burra ChopsCoromandel
Butternut Squash Soup
Cacciucco -- Cantina Sforza's Traditional Fish StewCantina Sforza
Capellini alla Riviera Il Sogno
Caramel Apple CrepesCulinary Works
Caramel Panna Cotta with Orange and LavenderSolaia
Caramelized Plum TartletsDesserts 4 Today, by Abigail Johnson Dodge
Chatham Day Boat Cod With Ragout of Edamame, Morels, Shiitakes and Roasted GarlicXaviar's
Cherry ClafoutiXaviar's
Cherry PieOstera
Chicken and Plantain MoquecaThe Brazilian Kitchen, by Leticia Moreinos Schwartz
Chicken CranachanMacDuff's



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