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Luxury Culinary Tours

Culinary tour vacations that are near, far, and everywhere in between


Culinary Tours are a deliciously satisfying alternative to a traditional vacation, and with so many to choose from the gastronomic options are nearly endless. Whether you are interested in tasting your way through the Far East, sipping on a fine Bordeaux in French vineyard or exploring outdoor markets in Spain and Italy, these six culinary tour companies will guide you through your appetizing vacation with finesse and style.

Artisans of Leisure

Artisans of Leisure offers several tours beyond the realms of cooking, but the culinary tours are certainly something to write home about. The company offers culinary tour experiences throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, each highly customizable to the specific needs and desires of travelers. In addition to private tours, food and wine excursions and other various culinary activities, there are several unique elements to the Artisans of Leisure travel experience. Travelers will stay at the finest hotels available in each touring city, receive personal guides and drivers, and enjoy an overall smooth travel experience.

Austin Adventures

Austin Adventures, who have been attracting vacationers since 1974, consider themselves to be an “Adventure Travel Company”. In addition to the culinary tours that are offered through the company, Austin Adventures also gives guests the opportunity to engage their active side through biking, hiking, horseback riding and other outdoor activities. The culinary features of the Austin Adventures tours prove to be as appealing as their active portions. Whether you would like to sample olives from outdoor markets in Provence, dine on crostini ai funghi porcini and ossobucco alla Toscana in Tuscany, or taste cava in Catalonia, sampling cuisines and staying active throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the US is a breeze with Austin Adventures.

Classic Journeys

Classic Journeys has received travel awards from Travel + Leisure, Saveur, National Geographic Adventure Magazine and other publications for being one of the most premiere tour operators in the world. Currently, Classic Journeys offers culinary tours in France and Italy, giving travelers the opportunity to marvel through the areas of Provence, the Amalfi Peninsula and Tuscany during their most opportune months. In addition to the small group tours, the company also offers private tours and custom vacations that allow travelers to adapt their vacation to their personal specifications.

Edible Destinations by Epitourean

Craftily named, Edible Destinations by Epitourean offers a bevy of domestic and international culinary tours, with several taking place in the Northeast of the United States. The company also offers several “vacation themes” that are suitable for any traveler including 2-4 day “Edible Getaways”, 5-10 day “Edible Vacations”, 8-14 day “Edible Excursions” and even a trip for single travelers called “Edible Solos”. Whether you are interested in hunting for truffles in the hills of Tuscany, sampling wines at Argentinian vineyards or taking a ninety-minute drive to Simsbury, Edible Destinations by Epitourean will please even the most fastidious traveler.

Tasting Places

Tasting Places is a culinary company based in the UK and offers culinary holidays in Italy, Spain, France, India and Thailand. Many of the itineraries offered by Tasting Places allow guests the opportunity to engage in “hands on” classes, giving them chances to create their own lunches and dinners while learning about local cuisine. In addition to the cooking classes on a Tasting Places culinary holiday, the company also offers tasting courses of local cuisines, tours of neighborhood markets, visits to farms and various other culinary activities and excursions.

Olde Ipswich Tours

Olde Ipswich Tours not only offers travelers to feed their culinary fascinations on the continent of Europe and the UK, but this Massachusetts-based company also holds tours in Asia and in the New England area of the US. Many of the European tours are in France, Italy and Spain, giving travelers the chance to sample the most sophisticated cuisines from the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, Andalusia and everywhere in between. Similarly, the US tours offer the same level of sophistication as the European and Asian tours. Whether travelers want to indulge in lobsters and clams at the peak of a New England autumn or dine their way through Maine in the summer, Olde Ipswich Tours allows for culinary curiosity both near and far.

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