How to Make Green Juice Taste Good

5 easy ways to make your green juice taste better


Green juice is a fast and easy way to take in your recommended daily amount of vegetables. Indeed, there are numerous health benefits to this nutritious beverage; however, some may take issue in drinking a beverage that tastes like pure kale and broccoli. But no worries, you don’t have to suffer to stay healthy! Here are a few ways to take your green juice from tasting like blended grass to a delicious (and still nutritious) treat.

Add Fruit:
Adding fruit to a green juice is a great way to incorporate sweetness naturally, rather than using any sort of artificial sweeteners. Try adding green apples, kiwis, pineapples, pears, mangos, bananas or any one of your favorite fruits. In addition to the fruit, adding a fresh herb like mint to your green juice to add flavor without adding excess calories.

Add Spice:
Similar to fruit, adding spice to foods and drinks will add an incredible amount of flavor without adding any excess calories. To add flavor to your green juice, try adding a cinnamon, ginger or even a dash of curry or cayenne powder.

Add a Natural Sweetener:
If you aren’t really in the market for adding any fruit to your green juice, try using a different natural sweetener such as agave syrup, honey or coconut water to sweeten the drink without using any processed sugars.

Add Citrus Juice:
Adding a splash of lemon, lime, orange or any of your favorite citrus juices will bring an instant bright and fresh flavor to your green juice.

Add Flavor Extracts:
Try adding a drop or two of your favorite flavor extract to your green juice for a boost of flavor. Flavors such as vanilla or almond extract will be sure to add a different and unique taste to your juice.  

What are your favorite flavors for green juice?



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