Pina Lisanti and Alexander Petisi

The bride and groom with the wedding party

Photographs: Josh Wong Photography

Although Pina and Alexander grew up near one another, it was not until they lived in the same dorm during freshman year at Franklin & Marshall College that they first met. Pina and Alex became good friends before formally dating the summer after freshman year.

Alex surprised Pina with a romantic proposal the night before the couple planned to leave for Europe. Coming home after a day at work, Pina immediately noticed that her apartment was decorated with candles. Alex then led her to the balcony where he proposed. Monsignor Donald Sakano officiated the ceremony at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. Family and friends celebrated the nuptials at the reception held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Pina, the daughter of Carla and Mario Lisanti of Westport, is a Staples High School alumna. She graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a bachelor’s in psychology and economics. She then earned her master’s in psychological counseling from Columbia University. The bride works at Forester Capital, LLC in Greenwich.

The groom is the son of Bob and Carolena Petisi of Westport. He graduated from Fairfield Prep and then received his bachelor’s in government from Franklin & Marshall College. Alex is employed at Deutsche Bank in New York.

The couple returned home to New York City after a honeymoon in France and Italy.



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