The Style Report: What Is Style?

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Maya Hoffman swimsuit and cover up

It is about having the confidence and the originality to wear something that truly stands out from the crowd. It should be fun, simple, easy, classic yet a bit edgy. It should not scream; “Here I am!” but subtly say “Carry on, I’ve arrived!”

Let’s face it we are an obsessed society when it comes to knowing all about the glamour icons. We want to know what they are wearing and all of the related gossip around them. Otherwise, regardless of our personal budgets, why would we splurge on our beloved fashion and entertainment magazines?

You yearn to emulate Sarah Jessica's latest look – the fab peacock green cocktail frock with burgundy shoes, or maybe it’s Gwyneth's look at the park – her delicious black double breasted pea coat wrapped with her cobalt blue pashmina while playing with her little one. We all have our fashion icons we look to for inspiration. Who are yours?

Is Style Nature or Nurture?

For me it was both inherited and a daily lesson from my European mother. She had style to the tenth degree as heads always turned in her direction whenever she walked into the room. Even a tee and slacks were accessorized to perfection and both Valentino and Chanel would have given her perfect 10 scores to achieve her fashion gold medal standing.

When I was five years old, European travel was a summer routine in my family and in those days… (yes, I am over 30) one dressed to travel. I fondly remember the drill. Waiting on my bed was my prepared travel attire…a lovely dress, white lace gloves, white lace anklets and one never left home without the accompanying hat.

From that point on, clothing and shopping with mom became our bond. She turned me on to what was hot and what was not. What had staying power and what will be “Gone with the Wind.”

It was a priceless education that I am forever grateful and one that I can pass on to you through my columns.

I will share my secrets with you from clothing styles, best places to shop, “Fashion no-no’s” in skincare, make-up and hair care. You will become fashion confident and be ready to conquer anything!

Look Good
Conquer the World

Lynn CesariaLynn Cesaria is a fashion maven, image consultant and personal shopper. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, her unerring eye and her Fashion 911 house calls to her clientele. Lynn has also owned and operated LRC Photography for over 20 years. She is based in Fairfield County but available to transform people worldwide!

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