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The Style Report: To Fur or Faux

Staying warm and looking cool

Python Clutch

Photograph via Photogal/istockphoto.com

Watching the runway shows and perusing all of the fashion magazines I am here to tell you that fur has hit the fashion barometer this season. It is taking shape in many forms; coats, vests, jackets, trim on boots, collars and cuffs.

Come take a trip down memory lane*…won’t you? How many of us watched our mothers and grandmothers saunter down the stairs in their evening attire, ruby red lipstick with their mink wrap completing the look? Please be honest and admit that as you looked up at them you thought, "WOW, I cannot wait to be old enough to wear that fur stole!" Did you also dare to go into your mother’s coat closet while nobody was looking and play “Hollywood Star” and parade yourself in front of the mirror wrapped in the luxury of mink?

*Please note the timeline as PETA was neither a bread nor an organization at the time.

And how many of you inherited said fur? As I rummage through so many of my client’s closets and make my way to the very back… there it is. My client looks at me and the question posed with either pride or embarrassment is always the same: What should I do with this? My answer is simple. If you are a fur fan, then let’s remodel it into a piece that makes the statement of the season’s look! If the coat is in decent condition, usually it will need to have the shoulder pads removed and a nip and tuck to streamline it to your shape. Possibly a vest can be made, or even a handbag or collar and cuffs to wear with a sweater coat, or most of the outerwear that  already exists in your closet, giving that stale black coat the ultimate look of the season.

Voile! You have now not only recycled your precious inheritance but made that old, "was about to give it away coat" into "the coat of the season."

FYI….the mink stole after being in hibernation for a decade has finally made its way back onto the runway and it's not BIG, it's HUGE! Being sold not only in the most fashionable of stores but consignment shops are selling them faster then they get them in. When I was living in Manhattan in my twenty’s and heavily entrenched in the fashion industry, the winter time streets were lined with fashionable women braving the icy cold in their full length furs. Minks, lynx, raccoon, fox… it was a proverbial fashion jungle out there. The only question in my mind was which would I purchase? One full length black mink coat later equaled my first major purchase. Two things come flooding back to mind, bringing my new fur friend to my little NY apartment, tossing it on the bed and laying down on this delicious, rich softness and the thought... I have arrived!

As a fashion stylist, maven and columnist, I am here to tell you What is Hot and What is Not. Fur has been worn since the cave man and odds are it is here to stay. There will be years that it will not be as prevalent on the runway but this is not one of those years.

Enter Faux Fur: Our fashion industry opened its deaf ear a number of years ago, to the plight of the woman who wants to look chic, stay warm and feel luxurious…but will not endorse real fur. When going faux please look at the garment and inspect the nap of it… be it scarf or coat. Some have a bit too much shine and are a bit too coarse and some look just plain fake! Some fauxs just do not make the grade but don't fret as I have seen faux furs that have even fooled my discerning eye.

I have loved fashion since I can remember. I wear what catches my eye and flatters my figure. I am always comfortable in my choices of attire and getting dressed and pulled together simply puts a smile on my face and a kick in my step. This exact attitude it what I impart to my clients.

On the Topic of Fur: I do love all of the furry little creatures out there…as my three kids have owned everything from gerbils, dogs, cats and even my son, Brad’s lizard named Spot. No Brad; my lizard boots came from Saks! Admittedly so… I am an equal opportunity fashion maven and love my fur as well as my faux attire. So make it real for you…and stay in your comfort zone…Fur or Faux….GET THE LOOK!

Look Good
Conquer the World

Lynn CesariaLynn Cesaria is a fashion maven, image consultant and personal shopper. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, her unerring eye and her Fashion 911 house calls to her clientele. Lynn has also owned and operated LRC Photography for over 20 years. She is based in Fairfield County but available to transform people worldwide!

For more information contact:
Lynn Cesaria
LRC Image & Styling
Personal Shopping


Photograph by LRC Photography

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