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The Style Report: The Python Look

Your statement piece this fall

Python Clutch


While doing my seasonal closet set up for fall, keeping this and consigning that. I came across my vintage python coat. You can call it old, but vintage sounds a bit more classic in term. To keep or discard…that was the question. As once or twice a year I do take my python out for a stroll. Well just as the indecision was driving me crazy my Fashion Bibles arrived in the mail. Talk about coincidental timing. As I started to peruse and scrutinize every page as there was one photo after another of either various articles of clothing in python as well as tons of accessories.

Some might think that this is a big fashion risk since it’s a very bold statement. The colors of the skirts for example were anything from your traditional black and beige python to bright reds, blues, any color combo that you can imagine. Now I am known as pretty confident when it comes to dressing. I take the risk when I know that I can carry it off. You see so many women get caught in a fashion rut as they stick to what is in their comfort zone and wear the same look over and over. Then they inevitably call on me to pull them out of the same old look and spice up their life with variations of looks. Isn’t that what dressing is about? Would you eat salmon every night? While it's good for you and your pallet is familiar with it. It longs for you to feed it something else like a little indulgence in some crème brulée. While shopping for your clothes and accessories one must step out of their box and pick some of the seasons newest attire. Why don’t we think of python as it is one of the MANY choices of the season? I am not telling you to run out and and buy an outrageous colored python coat or skirt but a beautiful back and beige one can be a fab piece that you will wear and end up loving it.

I remember my first python experience in the shoe department of Saks a number of years ago. The perfect python skin short boot. At first it just adorned my shoe closet because I did not know what to wear it with nor did I think to dare to wear. But they did look smashing in the store. Then months later I took the plunge as I was wearing beige wool slacks and a black cashmere turtleneck. I needed a pop in my attire that day so I did the boot and a beige cashmere sweater coat. To say that I got compliments throughout my day was an understatement.

Out of all of my booties I wear my pythons to the max as I learned that they are a neutral and go with so much. So you ask…what is my python purchase for this year? Well besides the python belt from last year. I was shopping in Westport a couple of weeks ago I darted into Roundabout and stopped dead in my tracks when something jumped out at me. I now am the proud owner of leather python jeans black and tan of course – they had to be a bit subtle. I looked at my salesgirl who I totally trust, plus she knows my wardrobe and said "do I dare?" and before she could answer they were already tucked away in my shopping bag. The python jeans, and a black cashmere sweater and black boots. How excited am I for fall?

Where to buy:
Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus
Bergdorf Goodman

Look Good
Conquer the World

Lynn CesariaLynn Cesaria is a fashion maven, image consultant and personal shopper. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, her unerring eye and her Fashion 911 house calls to her clientele. Lynn has also owned and operated LRC Photography for over 20 years. She is based in Fairfield County but available to transform people worldwide!

For more information contact:
Lynn Cesaria
LRC Image & Styling
Personal Shopping


Photograph by LRC Photography

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