The flavors and flair of Greece come to Stamford

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DolmadesThe fish of the day, bronzini, was a standout. The 12-inch fish, grilled with the skin on and bones in, can be had filleted in the kitchen and presented ready to fork up without ado, but we opted for the more rustic way and ordered it whole. Peel back the skin and the white flesh is moist and flavorful.

Grilled lamb chops are another winner —spiced with a bold hand and grilled as requested with a slight pink blush inside. We chose seasoned homemade fries to complement them. If you like your fries brittle, thin and crisp, these are not for you; they are broadly cut swatches of potato, soft and yummy and almost motherly in their benevolent mouth feel.

After feasting our way through the menu, we made the usual shamed apology for being unbridled pigs and then proceeded to order half the desserts available. Our server didn’t so much as raise her eyebrow, suggesting that people regularly eat large at Eos. The desserts are huge, the plates decorated in modern fashion with swirls of chocolate syrup and dustings of cocoa. We ordered a galaktoboureko (filo-wrapped custard), a serving of house made baklava (filo layered with honey, nuts and cinnamon) and a chocolate mousse torte. These were all good, but on a subsequent visit we realized that our favorite of all the Eos desserts are the homemade Greek rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon and a simple but superior plate of Greek style yogurt topped with honey and walnuts.

Leftovers are wrapped efficiently, the check comes when requested and the servers’ hospitable smiles temper one’s exit back into the cold. From a well thought-out menu, presented by a competent staff to the simple décor of white plaster walls, sculpted to look like waves, we have been transported to a relaxed, friendly world of sunshine and the warm Aegean. Eos wove a spell on us.

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