The flavors and flair of Greece come to Stamford

Rack of lamb

Bob Capazzo

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The magic of a good restaurant that serves foreign food is that for as long as you are tucked up to the table, you feel you are somewhere else, far away. On a frigid, gray winter night in Stamford, wrapped in down and microfiber like human burritos, we pushed into the front door at Eos and suddenly we were in Greece — sunny, sunny Greece, where the sky is turquoise blue and sunlight glitters like polished bronze.

Eos is a relative newcomer in the Stamford restaurant scene, and a very welcome addition. For the most part, if you want to eat Greek food in Connecticut, you must go to a diner, wade through the 10,000-page laminated menu that offers everything from liver and onions to Southern fried chicken, and locate the small list of typical Greek offerings. Eos is for the customer who wants to venture beyond such usual offerings.

We are seated at a white linen-draped table. In an instant the server takes our drink order: mojitos made with freshly squeezed watermelon juice — a neat trick in penguin weather. The menu is manageable in size and easy to navigate. Eos can be very down to earth, offering bountiful salads as well as a mighty Eos burger that is a half pound of beef stuffed with feta cheese, grilled onions, fresh herbs and dressed with a liberal amount of garlic studded tzatziki sauce and a tomato cucumber salad. But if your palate is more adventurous, you might want to sample the freshly grilled octopodi with olive oil and red wine vinegar. The pieces of octopus are discreetly sized, neither tough nor fishy.



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