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Moffly Media staffers weigh in on their favorite TV shows


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Heidi Kurlander - Kail

Sales Director
National Fashion/Lawyers/Special Sections

Still watching "Sex and the City" reruns!  

Brian Feidt

Brian Feidt

Chief Financial Officer

My favorite TV series is the "Big Bang Theory".  It has so much of what works for me including true friendships, the underdog story (geek gets hot girl), Sheldon’s quirks that help me see I’m not alone, all of the characters are likable. The writing is smart, clever, classy, witty, kind and they don’t rely on sex or dirty humor to get a laugh. No matter how I am feeling, I can always count on this show to make me smile.
Others that were close, but didn’t quite make favorite are
"Breaking Bad", "Mad Men" and "House of Lies".

Ann Kaiser

Senior Associate Editor of athome in Fairfield County Magazine

 Honestly, the only TV show I watch somewhat consistently is "The Bachelor"/"Bachelorette", because it's just too ridiculous. But I think "Sherlock" and "The Mindy Project" are both very smart.

Diane Sembrot

Editor of Westport Magazine and Fairfield Living Magazine

I'd bet that my friends would guess that I'd say my favorite show is "Downton Abbey." I studied literature. I adore Maggie Smith. True, but I'm such an escapist that I actually devoured a series that is possibly the most opposite of my personality: "24." Yeah, Jack Bauer. I think it proves I'm a sucker for explosions and have a weakness for good guys with an independent sense of morality. Sometimes they're ruthless, and they're damaged in some way, but I find myself rooting for them. Jack was a monster sometimes, but he was also right or, at least, tried to do the right thing, and when people double-crossed him, ugh, it drove me crazy. And cliffhangers. I'm also a sucker for those. Two other shows like that are "Burn Notice" and "Scandal". If you're looking for less-talked about series, try "Luther" or "Sherlock" (dark and intense) and "The Good Guys" (for a laugh).

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