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Taylor Dayne

The dance pop diva dishes on her personal life and what's up next

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Taylor Dayne, perhaps best known for her Number 1 hit Tell it to my Heart, the song of a generation, stands out as one of the most dynamic female artists of all time. Her unique, edgy and sultry voice has garnered her gold and platinum albums, dozens of top 20 hits including the aforementioned Tell it to My Heart, Love will Lead You Back, and Prove Your Love to Me. 

She has sold over 75 million albums, earned 3 Grammy nominations and appeared in numerous film, television and Broadway performances, such as Elton John’s AIDA. She will be performing in Ridgefield at the Playhouse on Friday, January 24.

We had a chance to catch up with Taylor and find out what's on the horizon.

You have had a busy year with your television appearances, judging Cupcake Wars, your trip to Australia and your recent Broadway appearance on Cats.

Now that you have a busy tour schedule ahead, how do you manage your busy career as well as being there for your teenage twins, Levi and Astria?

I love being busy and working at my career, I love my children…so I guess I love being a busy mom! My kids are 11 years old, not quite at the full on god-help-me stages but they are close. LOL. I have always been a single parent as I had my kids on my own by choice. This was a part of my life I didn’t want to miss experiencing because I hadn’t met “The One” yet. So yes it’s a juggle but knock on wood we’re good.

Do your kids have any aspirations of taking to the road or the stage?

Oh they love to entertain. Actually my son has performed duets with me on stage twice. He is becoming a hell of a singer, nevermind all his swagger. LOL

I read recently that you’re planning a big move so that you can spend more time with your family. Are you coming back to the East Coast?

No, not yet. The move was to a new home. It was just a bit challenging being on the road and moving simultaneously, house and kids and schools etc.

Tell us about your newest project, soon to be released Telling of the Shoes?

This is a very intense indie film with a strong cast about some meaningful friendships and the fragility of life. It makes you think about what you really know and don’t know about the people closest to you.

Any plans to release any new albums?  

Always, but now I have to stop procrastinating and DO…

What have you not accomplished yet in your career that you would like to in the future?

I love TV and love working in an ensemble with great talent—when it’s good it’s great and everyone shines. My biggest desire now is to be on a hit TV series, one well written, playing a glorious character.

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you? (career or personal)

There have been some glorious moments in my life that were great achievements in work, love and life. The best things are falling in love, my kids’ laugh, making great music, and performing to packed houses singing my music.

You’ve been lucky, blessed with a great career and beautiful sultry voice. If you weren’t singing and acting what would you be doing?

I always used to say it would be something in the preservation of our natural resources in land and wildlife.

Not that you have much downtime, but on those rare occasions you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I had a couple of great years filled with lots of travel and shows. I swear my body just gets into the pace. I need anchors in my schedule–knowing what I’m doing six months in advance. I take short little excursions in between and work hard but I put goals to it. Looks like I’m off to India in late February for my girlfriend’s wedding and an experience. In between work there is play.

You’re very funny. I saw you being interviewed by Ru Paul (who’s also hilarious). Tell us 5 funny things we don’t know about you! 

I am a true Long Island girl — my speech, my expressions, my ballsy-ness. I love a good laugh and I like making people feel open to sharing themselves. Laughter disarms people. I’m glad I’m funny but inside I’m a very sensitive girl. :)

What can we expect to see of you in 2014 and beyond?

MUSIC. New album release, starring on TV, and getting married… gotta put it out there! xxxx

See Taylor Dayne perfom live at the Ridgefield Playhouse

January 24 at 8pm, buy your tickets »

80 East Ridge, 203-438-5795

Buy your tickets now »

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