The Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Tipping

6 reminders for the season of giving


The holidays are just around the corner, which means its time to start thinking about what you’re getting your loved ones. But before you start checking off your list, don’t forget about Gary the Garbage Man, Meg the Manicurist, and Dana the Dog Walker.

Yes, the people who make you look gorgeous year around and make your house feel like a home deserve a little thanks for all they do. However, determining what’s appropriate and what’s not can be difficult, which is why we’re making it easier. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

The Do’s:

  • Make a List: Think of all the people that make your life easier throughout the year, including your nanny, hairstylist, housekeeper, dog walker and mailman, then create a working list to ensure no one gets left out.
  • Always Pay in Cash: While you may think that a gift card to Home Depot is the perfect gift for your landscaper, think again. Cash (or a prepaid Visa card) is always king.
  • Be as Generous as You Can: Don’t know what to tip? Always tip your manicurist or hairdresser the price of one session. After all, they’re the ones getting up close and personal. For your babysitter or caregiver, tip them one evening’s pay and a small gift from your little one.

The Don’ts:

  • Don't Break the Bank if Money is Tight: You don’t have to blow your budget to show your “little helpers” that you care. A card with a heart-felt note and a small gift, such as a box of delicious candy, is enough to show your appreciation.
  • Don’t Wait Too Late: Your recipients may be depending on your gift to help prepare for the holidays, so don’t wait until the last second (or after the holidays!) to tip them. The ideal time starts immediately after Thanksgiving and extends into the first two weeks of December.
  • Don't Tip with an Ulterior Motive: Tip out of the goodness of your heart, not because you expect better service.

'Tis the season of giving; whether it’s a card or cash, show the people in your life that you appreciate their services and support!