Ask The Experts: Conflicts with Parents

Wedding advice from Rosinne Chala


Question: What is the best solution when brides and their families do not see eye to eye.

There will be times during the wedding planning process when brides and their families do not see eye to eye. As every circumstance is so different, there is no boiler plate answer to this question. If you know in the beginning that the road may be rocky, don't wait for the blow up. Have a plan!

The first suggestion I have to the bride and groom is to find some common ground. When there are any details, no matter how small, that everyone can agree on, it gives the planning process a more positive place to start from.

The second suggestion I have for my couple is to find a way to honor their parents. This is important for all parents, but especially poignant for blended families. If our couple comes to their parents with a plan to honor them early in the planning process, everyone is much more willing to compromise on other details.  

The third and really the building block of the planning process, is to stay calm and be willing to be in the process. A lot of times what seems crucially important in the beginning of the planning process doesn't seem so important as the planning continues towards the big day. 

The last suggestion-- decide what's really important to you and let go of something. It may not be the exact invite you want or the exact font, but no one needs to win every point. Keeping the dialogue going and not getting huffy and distant will serve you well. Being solution oriented and not combative.

Rosinne Chlala

Managing Partner/Event Consultant



Winner, Best of the Gold Coast "Best Wedding Planner" 2012 and 2013