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SNL Skits, Christmas Kindness and Katy Perry's Singing Flub

In the news this week: December 16-20


Shocker of the Day: Apparently CT Drivers Aren't the Worst

The Darien Patch reported that based on information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Motorists Association AND CarInsuranceComparison.com that drivers from Connecticut are evidently the seventh best in the nation. Yes. There are actually facts that support the claim that people from Connecticut apparently do not drive poorly. One of the factors that affects a state’s ranking is “Careless Driving”, so evidently whoever is in charge of compiling this list is under the unequivocally false assumption that people in Connecticut don’t drive carelessly and are somehow seventh best at following traffic laws. To that I must say:

[Darien Patch]

Katy Perry Was Caught Lip-Syncing

In what some may describe as a painfully awkward situation, Katy Perry was caught lip-syncing during the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. Perry was unable to match her singing to her back track, and unfortunately her mouth was saying one thing while the soundtrack was singing something else. The situation became even more uncomfortable to watch when the host of the show strutted onto the stage, stopped the music, said “I’m sorry to stop all your energy – I prefer you to be the best,” and asked Perry if she wanted to start the whole thing over. I know what you're thinking and, yes, it was pretty bad.


Mixed Gender MMA Fight on December 20

In what will likely go down as the worst possible decision that has ever been made in the history of humankind, Shooto Brazil will be holding an MMA (mixed martial arts) fight that will feature Emerson Falcao and Juliana Velasquez. Yes, you read that correctly, Emerson the man and Juliana the woman are going to engage in a bout of mixed martial arts. I.e. they are going to fight each other. When asked about the fight Velasquez said that she is “used to training with a man everyday” and that she knows “the adrenaline of the competition” and “how to handle this”. Prediction: There is no way that this will end in anything less than an utter and unadulterated catastrophe.

[Bleacher Report]

A Tale of Christmas Generosity

Since Christmas is just around the river bend, please enjoy this wonderful tale of Christmas kindness. In a wonderful act of generosity, an anonymous Good Samaritan paid off the layaway for twenty-one accounts at a Granbury, Texas Walmart. The anonymous Secret Santa spent $2000 to pay off the layaway accounts, and after the layaways were paid off the Walmart associates had the pleasure of calling the customers to let them know. It goes to show that good people do indeed exist on planet Earth.

[ABC News]

Video of the Week: SNL Mandela Interpreter

Last week saw the controversy of the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service. Well of course it didn’t take long for Saturday Night Live to jump all over that disaster, and now we have for our viewing pleasure a spoof of the incident in question. Enjoy. 


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