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Magical Pianos, Hallucinations and Frosty on the Run

In the news this week: December 9-13


Somebody Swiped Frosty the Snowman

Somebody was getting a little bit too frisky with Frosty the Snowman in Norwalk this week. It was reported that a Frosty the Snowman lawn decoration went missing from a yard on Driftwood Lane and there are no witnesses who saw Frosty’s captors. But there are other scenarios that must be looked into! Maybe he was simply living an unfulfilled life in someone’s front lawn and walked off in search of his true duty of spreading Christmas cheer. Or he could be out on the streets causing mischief. Don’t forget, Frosty is certainly a qualified candidate to perform a little magic with the aid of his old silk hat. It brings the old boy right to life, quick as a flash.

[Darien Patch]

Drunk Man Got Lost In Parking Lot

A man from Newington, CT found himself in a bit of an unfortunate situation when he was unable to figure out how to get out of a police station parking lot. The reason why? He was just too darn drunk. Chibuikem S. Onyebuchi found himself on candid camera (also known as the police department surveillance camera) as he was aimlessly driving around the parking lot. When approached by an officer he told them that “he was on the way home from a friend’s house but could not find his way out of the parking lot”. At least the assumption can be made that the arrest was good and quick.  


Video of the Week: Chicago’s Magical Piano

Chicago Union Station is now home to a magical piano that can respond and interact to its environment and the people in it. The piano is a collaboration effort between Amtrak and Rob Bliss Creative and it is doing a marvelous job at spreading a little bit of holiday cheer. Enjoy.

[Youtube via Reddit]

12 New Rules for Riding the Paris Metro

Planning on taking an extravagant trip to The City of Light? Excellent! Then you need to pay close attention because there are a few new rules that ban any sort of riff raff, shenanigans or general Tom Foolery on the Paris Metro. These twelve rules are listed in a “politeness manual”, a guide which was suggested by the public. Some of the rules included in the manual are that one should not play music loudly on the Metro, that staring at beautiful women is rude, that “the huge crossed out cigarette on the platform is not a work of art but a ban on smoking” and (possibly the most useful rule of all) that Parisians must provide help to tourists in “Bermuda shirts with a metro map in one hand and the other hand in their hair”. What’s better is that the guide comes equipped with several snappy illustrations that appear to have been drawn by a 1920’s comic.

[Conde Nast Traveler, Daily Mail]

Mandela Ceremony Interpreter Was Fake

It has been reported that the interpreter at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela was fake, and that “there was no sign language used. It was only slapping of hands and movement of arms.” Thamsanqa Jantije told Star, a newspaper in Johannesburg, that he suffers from schizophrenia and was hallucinating and hearing voices at the time of the memorial service.

[USA Today]

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