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Behind the (Juice) Bar May 2013

Behind the (Juice) Bar

Healthy juice bar combos found around Fairfield County

Coffee Break: Dr. Post April 2013

Coffee Break: Dr. Post

15 minutes with Dr. Gerald Post of the Veterinary Cancer Center.

Life's a Party! April 2013

Life's a Party!

Zumba is a fun way to get in shape.

Surviving Daily Toxins April 2013

Surviving Daily Toxins

Learn how to stay healthy despite daily exposure to pollution.

Organic Skin Products April 2013

Organic Skin Products

Take care of your skin by using natural and organic cosmetics.

Spa Week April 2013

Spa Week

Pamper yourself with these spa steals and deals

Coffee Break: Juliet Harker March 2013

Coffee Break: Juliet Harker

15 minutes with the owner of Get in Shape for Women

Raise the Barre February 2013

Raise the Barre

Dance-inspired Studio Barre Workouts to Fire Up Your Inner Long and Lean

Unusually Fit January 2013

Unusually Fit

Break Out of that Fitness Rut with These 5 Novel Workouts

Youth Serum November 2012

Youth Serum

Medical Spas turn back time.