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Watch Like A Hawk September 2012

Watch Like A Hawk

The 14th Annual HawkWatch Weekend Festival & Green Bazaar

Savoring the Season September 2012

Savoring the Season

All about family! Seasonal entertaining and hostess gifts to help you reconnect with loved ones.

Celebrating American Literature and Art September 2012

Celebrating American Literature and Art

The Mark Twain House & Museum and New Britain Museum of American Art

Sponsored Events: September September 2012

Sponsored Events: September

Enjoy the crisp fall season with these golf tournaments and galas galore

The Berkshires August 2012

The Berkshires

Escape into the Mountains of Western Massachusetts

Tunin' with Tad August 2012

Tunin' with Tad

Fairfield County's live music scene in August

Back to School Unwind August 2012

Back to School Unwind

Get Social With Girlfriend Get-Togethers

Little Feat August 2012

Little Feat

An interview with Paul Barrere

Sponsored Events: August August 2012

Sponsored Events: August

Get your adrenaline rush with a free fall + more Fairfield County outdoor events

Kicking Daisies July 2012

Kicking Daisies

A Q&A with Fairfield’s up-and-coming band