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The Style Report: Consignment Shopping

Madison Avenue shopping on a Wal-Mart budget

Karla Colletto Lace Suit available at Tahiti Street


I can hear my mother’s voice from the grave: “ What?! Are you are wearing someone else’s clothing? ”Yes mother I am!  It is Fendi and fabulous, don’t you just love it?

Consignment shopping became my addiction four years ago, while doing my spring clothing drop off at Good Will in Westport. She was there shopping the racks; my dear friend Suzie who I believed to be a devoted Bergdorf gal. As I did not want to embarrass her, I pulled a skit from I Love Lucy and ducked behind the counter! Next thing you know, Suz comes running over with a big hug and words that changed my life and career. “Lynn…. This is Fairfield County, where one buys retail and shortly thereafter casts it off to Good Will which has made it now the best Consignment shops in Fairfield County.”

I became a believer, when I looked at her stash of Mui Mui’s, Prada’s and Valentino at the register. Off to the races as I learned all of the best places to purchase anything from designer shoes, handbags to clothes.

My first excursion was to Roundabout in Greenwich; known to be a well-appointed, high-end consignment shop where Laurie the owner has turned her love (some may call it an addiction) of clothing into a four store career. One Gucci taupe shearling jacket in pristine condition and style to die for was to be my very first and fav purchase with a discounted price of $247.00. After a little online research I found said jacket to have been retailed just three years ago at a price of $13K.

Next stop is DWR in New Canaan to snag my Ralph Lauren Ricky duffle bag; the canvas and leather combo with its signature closure…of course you know the one I am referring to. The register shows $550.00 for a bag that is currently selling for thousands! I looked at Nicole who is the owner and asked if I was going to get arrested for stealing? (No…really!)  She went on to tell me that you never know what exciting piece is going to “grace” her shop. How exciting that sounded and the concept of looking for new and exciting finds on a weekly basis was and is an absolute thrill for me.

I call this Madison Ave shopping on a Wal-Mart budget!

As always the rule applies…buyer beware.

Please inspect your purchase for any flaws that might have been missed by the shop owner. Consignment Shops have a no return policy as they are selling someone else’s merchandise. Know your designers and their real price points to see if you are indeed getting the deal of the century. There is an art to consignment shopping. One needs a trained and talented eye but once you have tried it, I promise you will never pay retail again!

My client goal is to get the most bang for their buck. They literally walk out of these stores sometimes spending $1,000.00 but schlepping 6 bags of merchandise retailing at $4,700.00.

I not only purchase for my gals and guys, but I also consign their clothes as well, to put some extra cash in their pockets. I truly believe that I have learned that art of recycling!

"Look good and conquer the world"

Lynn Cesaria is a fashion maven, image consultant and personal shopper. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, her unerring eye and her Fashion 911 house calls to her clientele. Lynn has also owned and operated LRC Photography for over 20 years. She is based in Fairfield County but available to transform people worldwide!

For more information contact:
Lynn Cesaria
Lynn Cesaria Styling
Personal Shopping


Photograph by LRC Photography

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