Green Ink

"Zero to Landfill" mission for ink and toner cartridges


If you're wondering why it's important to recycle your ink cartridges these statistics from Cartridge World's website should enlighten you:

1.) It takes 1 gallon of oil to make a new laser cartridge.
2.) In North America alone, over 350 million cartridges per year are discarded in our landfills, and that number increases by 12 percent annually.
3.) It can take up to 450 years for a cartridge to decompose.

That's a lot of trash in our landfills. It's frightening to consider the environmental impact of having those chemicals leach into the soil over time.

Cartridge World and Stamford's Solid Waste/Recycling Division teamed up and placed marked collection bins for used cartridges at four sites around the city. Cartridge World will examine, clean, and repair the recycled cartridges and will reuse those in good condition. According to Frank Orzechowski, the owner and president of Stamford's Cartridge World, "The average cartridge can be filled 3-7 times before it can't be refilled any longer." For those cartridges that are too damaged, or too old to be refilled, they will be sent to Clover Technologies Group to be broken down properly and recycled to fulfill their "zero to landfill" mission.

The recycling effort shouldn't stop with those 4 bins. Cartridge World is looking for community organizations and schools, like Rogers International School and the Springdale Elementary School of Stamford and the Columbus Magnet Elementary School of Norwalk, to join their recycling program. Cartridge World will provide the recycling bins or boxes, pick up the cartridges, and then they'll write your school or organization a check!

As if helping our planet weren't reward enough, you earn "Recycle Rewards" and "Refill Rewards" through Cartridge World's recycling program. "Recycle Rewards" are a straight payment based on the number and type of cartridges they collect from your bins. They will pay your school or organization $1.00/ink cartridge and up to $3.00/toner or laser cartridge. That will quickly and easily become a significant fundraiser for your school or organization. The "Refill Rewards" are "for students, teachers, people involved in the school system [or organization] to get 10% off their purchases at Cartridge World." Since Cartridge World's cartridges are already "30% off the manufacturers suggested retail price", you'll actually save 40% each time you shop--just mention your participating school/organization. Additionally they offer a "Customer Loyalty Program" where you get a card punched for each purchase and your 10th cartridge is free.

You can't argue with Mr. Orzechowski when he says, "By using green products not only are they saving money, but their helping the environment as well." Green is after all, the color of money.

Collection bins are at the following locations:
Cartridge World's store at 1016 Hope Street and 247 Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk
Government Center at 888 Washington Boulevard
Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center at 130 Magee Avenue
Scofieldtown Road Recycling Center at the corner of Scofieldtown and Rockrimmon roads

Cartridge World
1016 Hope St. in Stamford, (203) 602-5555; 247 Connecticut Ave. in Norwalk, (203) 956-5915 



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