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A Balanced Diet

Nutrition and high quality protein


'Quality nutrition is a challenge and changing a clients nutrition is an emotional experience. What I have come to learn throughout thousands of nutritional consultations is that for compliance and longevity the 'incrementally normalcy approach' through 'phasing' works best.

My data has shown: change 1 thing = 80% result, change 3 things = 20% result.

At BKAthletics we use 'phasing' to educate our clients as each person is different in their knowledge of nutrition and we treat them that way - as unique individuals. Some may stay at phase 1 for month where others can be fast tracked because of what they already know.

The number 1 thing I change in a person's nutritional profile is to implement high quality protein (grass fed/organic/cage free) into every meal or snack. All vegans aside — people don't have any emotional connection to protein but we know the vice grip those devlish carbs play. Variance of your protein is super important also so you don't develop sensitivities to a given food. I took a food sensititivy test and it showed a moderate reaction to chicken, beef and cashews which were staples in my daily diet. I took them out and within 5 days I dropped 5 pounds. At 8% BF it was just all inflammation.

BK Golden Pearls

  1. I am a huge fan of zero carbs for breakfast and advise 2-3 Vital Farms eggs (found at Whole Foods) and 8-12 macadamia nuts or almonds which are low in Omega-6. It is super important to have a 1:1 ratio of 3:6. Energy levels will be smooth and consistent for you to kick start your day.
  2. Every feed starts with protein and I know how hard it is for peeps to find good snack choices. Plan your day in advance. ''Lack of planning is preparing to fail'' Great options are Trader Joe's ready cooked salmon with sea salt, Whole Foods beef and turkey jerky, low sodium ham and chicken, Vital Farms boiled eggs and low sodium water based tuna to name a few.
  3. The biggest mistake people can make is basing snacks around fruit and nuts. DON'T be that guy.
  4. If you are carrying around extra around the hips and belly cut out all fruit from the diet.
  5. A protein shake with whey isolate, casein and egg can help curve cravings and give you the sweet satisfaction after dinner that many desire.

Nutrition like fitness is so individualized but the above for the majority of you will have you looking - feeling and performing better in no time. I challenge you to eat like this for 5 days and tell me how you feel.

I would love to answer your questions. Please post to comments so all can learn and grow together .

Ben KellyBen Kelly is much more than your run of the mill fitness instructor. Owner and founder of BK Athletics in Fairfield is a world class athlete, coach, crossfit trainer and fierce competitor. Under his watchful eye, both he and his team of coaches and trainers are intensely focused on helping his hundreds of warriors bring their current fitness level to it's highest order. Ben believes passionately that an intense focus on continual challenge and improvement in every aspect of a person's lifestyle can unlock the chamber that holds his clients goals and aspirations. Kelly puts special attention on refining his client's "energy system" with proper focus on the role of nutritional balance as part of a health and fitness regimen. Ben and his team are immensely proud of the success that their clients are achieving each and every day as they challenge themselves to be their best.

For more information
BK Athletics
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